Welcome to the U.S.S.A. as Obama announces his banana republic


Where Republicans sought to reign in greed in corporations to benefit the working class, Democrats seek only to profit from shaking down corporations under the guys of helping the little guy.  Where Americans want to protect their wealth from illegal immigrant thieves who want work without paying taxes, Obama works to imprison Americans who would not live under a government that steals their earnings.  The righteous build a wall to keep thieves out, but the thieves in charge build a wall to imprison those who work within.

Until today, the United States has been the shining city on the hill to which everyone wants to flock in order to enjoy the benefits of wealth brought about by a free society.  While Americans are alarmed by the illegals who come to America in order to prosper by not paying taxes at the expense of Americans, they want to put up a wall to keep people out, which is what people do to keep thieves from stealing their wealth.  But in socialist states the walls are put up to keep people in who would flee from an oppressive government.

Premier Obama announced that it is his intention to not only allow, but assist all the illegals that want to come into America and be made citizens (and Democrat welfare voter slaves at the stroke of his pen), while corporations that are being taxed into extinction are told they are forbidden from leaving the country for a home that won’t steal from them.  With millions of cheap labor peons coming to America there is no need for “greedy corporations” to go to third world countries.  But flee they do, not because they want cheap labor, but to escape the confiscation taxes of the Democrat Party.

Since Woodrow Wilson, Democrats have taxed the rich, taxed business, taxed the people to an ever greater and greater degree.  The average American has gone from paying 7% of their income in taxes in 1908 to over six times more today.  Democrats believe that anyone who prospers in America does so through their benevolence, and therefore those people “owe” the rest of the country for their success.

This give them the right, in their minds, to take that wealth from them and use it as they will and not as people who earn it would.  That is not the republic on which America was founded, but as Dinesh D’Souza points out in his movie, “America: Imagine a World without Her,” the typical order of despotic dictators.  Obama is making America, the country he hates, into what he wants – a banana republic with a despot in charge to whom the people owe what they have and are ruled.

America was the first nation founded on the principle that government of the people, by the people, and for the people and is the reason she has become the richest, greatest nation on Earth.  Not because she stole from other nations, but because she trades with all nations and allows her citizens to prosper from their own labor and live the American Dream.  Other nations have become wealthy trading with the U.S., not poorer as they are made by dictators who steal from them.

The thieves in the equation of American politics are not the Republicans who labor to become giants of industry.  It is the Democrats who labor to steal wealth from those who earned it.  And the telling factor is not that they are rich trying to keep the greedy from coming into their home and stealing, but that they are the jailers who build a wall to keep their people in and under the yoke of slavery to the state.

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