Race Riots, Covid Terror, and Twitter Wars: Trump’s MI vs. Liberal Democrat’s AI

Renowned “Truth Detector and Doctor of Democracy,” Rush Limbaugh, constantly berates Twitter as a sewer of leftwing trash, hogwash, and drivel perpetrated by smear merchants and bots. In contrast to leftism, Donald Trump has what conservatives call Moral Intelligence. He acts on the basis of what is recognized to be morally right by the rightwing. Liberals can’t see this because they lack a moral compass being easily blinded or misled. Liberal Democrats all function under the assumptions of Arrogant Ignorance through the dysfunctional delusions implanted by leftist propaganda. AI may be artificial intelligence in computers where they learn from their mistakes, but AI in liberals is how they wallow in their mistakes like pigs in slop.

{Author’s First Note: Isn’t this a curious development? How interesting that a blue city cop in the deepest blue state would publicly murder a seemingly peaceful black man in full view on video to once again spark BLM rioters and Antifa Nazis to attack white people? (And then a fake Facebook page pops up showing this cop in a Trump cap that says, “Make America White Again.” You know that if this was real then that cop would have been fired instantly.) No doubt this will start a new round of BLM police assassinations ginning up renewed racial strife for the 2020 election. And just like that, suddenly no one is talking about Joe Biden’s racist slurs against blacks who don’t vote Democrat. How easily the lemmings are redirected off the cliff.}

There’s No Justification for George Floyd’s Blue State Death

Moral intelligence is something that is learned through life to see and do what is right and to reject that which is wrong. Liberalism does not have any moral foundation, which is why they readily embrace what is wrong, what is false, and what is harmful. Did you notice how every media broadcast the “grim milestone” of 100,000 Covid deaths in America as if it wasn’t going to happen? The question is whether or not this number is accurate as Democrats have been inflating the number declaring those who died of pneumonia, heart attacks, and even car accidents and shark attacks as being Covid deaths if they had the virus.

Democrat media hacks have demanded Trump makes testing available to every American every day because he gets it. Every American does not have to deal with a pack of Demonrats every day. No doubt the GOP convention will have a pack of Democrats who infected themselves show up to try to infect everybody. Democrats are hoping for a second wave so they can demand the economy be shut down again and blame Trump for every death. Don’t put it past them not to create that second wave. Democrats thrive on chaos and destruction. That is the fruits of leftism.

Minneapolis’ mayor deliberately inflamed the situation in his city over the death of a black male suspect on whose neck an officer knelt until he died to cause a riot so he could blame Republicans as racists. He didn’t announce that these officers would be prosecuted but wailed over “the injustice” of Republicans. It’s his DA who refuses to file charges against these officers. Now he’s letting his city burn and those fires are spread throughout the nation. The left always twists the facts to corrupt the truth. In their cities you can protest in mobs but not go to church. We call this a false flag event to create a crisis to distract from important events. Leftists call those who see through their ruse “conspiracy kooks.”

President Trump signed an executive order over leftwing’s socialist media labelling anything he says and does or believes as “fake” while promoting proven Democrat lies. Leftist fact checking is all about promoting their propaganda to make their lemmings believe in Russian collusion, Trump immorality, racism, and criminality to generate hate and bigotry in the name of leftist righteousness. What he signed says that Twitter et al making themselves the “arbiters of truth” by crushing conservative morality in favor of liberal irrationality are not behaving as a public forum platform, but as a journalist entity. This makes them liable for their slurs. Every journalist knows that with their lies they must make at least one statement telling the truth somewhere deep in their articles.

Twitter and Facebook have been censoring conservatives while exaggerating liberal speech on their platforms declaring themselves justified under free speech. Squelching the free speech of Republicans as “hate speech” while inflating the actual hate speech of leftists using bots to amplify their phony opinions is not protecting anyone’s rights. Zuckerberg of Facebook claims he is backing off declaring his platform not to be the “arbiter of truth” despite the fact that he labels users as right or left or extremely conservative or liberal. Dorsey of Twitter is doubling down on using Twitter to “connect the dots” so people can make informed decisions. Leftists do not use rational logic but their dysfunctional bigotry to think.

What Dorsey, whose extremely biased hatred for Trump, and foolish belief in Democrat memes believes is contrary to reality. The dots he connects are what is leading liberal lemmings off the cliffs of good sense. When he labels what Trump and conservatives say as false, while assigning what Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff say as truth, he is deliberately twisting and falsifying the facts. His arbiter of truth, Yoel Roth, who is “Head of Site Integrity,” has been exposed by the New York Post as an extreme Trump hating Democrat. He cites the NYT, Washington Post, and CNN, all extreme leftist organizations as being the truth in media.

This is how leftists control the limited minds of liberals. This is why they cannot debate conservatism with the truth or any accurate facts. They only adhere to the lies in which they have invested their minds, hearts, and souls. And if you refuse to believe them then they’ll be happy to beat sense into you after they declare they are not the Nazis. Leftism is the heart and soul of immorality, hate, bigotry, and ignorant arrogance. There is a reason that there is left and right. Both sides cannot be right. One side is right and the other is wrong. There is no such word as “lefteousness.” Leftists are the backwards thinkers who see the world through their mirror of emotionally irrational dysfunctional thinking.

The contrasting character of Republicans and Democrats is glaring. Republicans are patriots who love America looking for what they can keep government from taking away. Democrats are anti-Christians who hate America looking for what they can get from government. That is why the right and left are best known as the makers vs. the takers. Liberals are about controlling others, not to do what is right, but to make others do what is right according to them for their own selfish benefit. You don’t find leftists and liberals making donations to charities except for a pittance on which to make themselves appear righteous. They are the same as the Pharisees that crucified Jesus declaring themselves the righteous and Jesus the radical.

What a Biden presidency would mean:

  • Massive tax increases for red states to pay for blue state tax thieves
  • Shutdown of fracking, offshore drilling, oil pipelines, and coal mines
  • Open borders without registration or taxation
  • Taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens and deadbeats
  • Return to poor trade with China and Middle East
  • Make America energy dependent on Chinese coal and Middle East oil
  • Black racism against white people will continue to be exploited

[Author’s Last Word: As far as I’m concerned, every looter should be arrested, every vandal that throws rocks or breaks things should be beaten till they’re maimed, and every terrorist that attacks innocent people or throws Molotov Cocktails should be shot dead on the spot! This is not communist Russia. The good people of America would not rise up to follow them but cheer as these thugs are being brought down. Yes, leftists always use this kind of chaos to seize power as the Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt. But like the Egyptians, Americans will not tolerate the left ruling out in the open. That’s why Democrats always operate by stealth duping people with false flag operations like this. Democrat leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler should be tortured until they reveal all. Contrary to leftist lies, torture works when you focus on those you know are guilty rather than just going for a fishing expedition on the innocent.

As for fact checking, it is supposed to provide all the facts from both sides of an argument without bias or edit. Leftists constantly edit facts to impose their own bias by taking the truth out of context to create new meaning that they use to smear, slander, and libel the righteous. When fact checkers utilize censorship and extreme bias against the words of people who are not advocating for violence, but then endorse others who do as they have from Charlottesville to Minneapolis, they are not protecting the civil liberties of free speech. They are promoting the leftist ideologies of Democratic Nazi Communism through thuggery attacking the innocent as their revenge in place of justice.

The policeman who killed an unresisting criminal and those who didn’t stop him are the only ones who should be charged, but all rioters and looters should also be brought to justice. Leftist justice is never about justice. It’s about attacking the innocent. How does burning a police station, smashing cars, or looting clothes from Target bring justice to the man who was killed? Does anyone take notice that these murders and riots mostly occur in Democrat controlled cities and states? Leftist take after the worst of their breed. Islam is infamous for Muhammad’s decrees that attacking innocent people over the offense of one of their number is righteous. That’s how Islamists justify kidnapping and killing innocent people overseas when they hear about someone in America burning a Koran.

Twitter never had any problem promoting the vile hate of leftists like Kathy Griffin holding a replica of Trump’s severed head. They cheer for rioters shouting “no justice no peace” as they loot and burn, the people they have taught to idolize thugs and gangsters, yet censor Trump when he talks about shooting the left’s “peaceful rioters” as “glorifying violence.” Can you believe that? They call rioters “peaceful.” This is what passes for righteous speech by leftists. It’s lefteous speech. By censoring morally righteous speech and promoting immoral leftist speech, they are not acting as a public forum but as a propaganda platform. This is the practice of leftwing yellow journalists.

President Trump resorted to Twitter to get his message out without first being filtered by leftwing media. Now the left is using their power over Twitter to squash his words. When Twitter’s Trump haters act as “fact checkers” for the president it is the same as Nazis acting as fact checkers for the Jews they persecuted. Imagine having Hitler’s thugs standing behind the Jews when they protest being persecuted to censor anyone who speaks out against them, crushes anyone who tells the facts, and uses force to coerce the people to not listen to the truth such as the fact that Democrat pollsters commit voter fraud by any means.

Free speech is the right to tell your story. But leftwing media is using their power over social platforms to squelch that right through shadow banning and censorship in the name of protected speech against what they label as “hate speech” which is anyone who tells the truth. They smear Trump as racist for shutting down travel from Moslem countries exporting terrorists, South American countries exporting criminals, and Chinese communists exporting disease to America. The left’s false definitions are promoted over righteous truth.

Leftist fact checkers declare Russian collusion to be an established fact, Republican racist Nazism to be historic, and climate change controlled by man to be real. Their Russian delusional fear-mongering, anti-Christian hate mongering, and science lunacy are facts of liberal dysfunction thinking, not conservative disinformation. Unfortunately for America, the left has been indoctrinating our children through our educational system to believe in their lies to the point that almost half the country wants the greatest nation in history to become a socialist sh*thole.]

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2 Responses to Race Riots, Covid Terror, and Twitter Wars: Trump’s MI vs. Liberal Democrat’s AI

  1. radman414 says:

    There’s one thing that the riots in major cities across America have had in common, and it’s NOT “Black Lives Matter.” It’s “Antifa!” And finally, today (5/31/20), President Trump has designated these primarily white anarchists as part of a “domestic terror organization.” (AG William Barr on Saturday had confirmed that when he said that it was the Antifa members who had hijacked these peaceful protests and started the riots.)

    Antifa is a group of vile, disgusting people who do nothing but cause chaos and destruction. They have no regard for human life, safety or property. Their only focus is on destroying things around them, all in the name of “anti-fascism” – or at least that’s what they say. But their violent actions are clearly fascist in nature!

    The horrific death of George Floyd, the demonstrations that followed, and the coronavirus crisis created a “perfect storm” for the Antifa anarchists. Not only could they incite riots, loot and burn, they were able to blame their destructive actions on “Black Lives Matter” protestors. This is possible for them now because they can “legitimately” cover their faces. (From their inception long before we’d heard of Covid-19, Antifa members almost always masked their faces, purely to hide their identities, while perpetrating mayhem. This pandemic just provided ‘cover’ for them to destroy businesses and communities.)


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