License to Lie – Fake News’ 1st Amendment Rights

Does the 1st Amendment give the media the right to lie?  Democrat media says that Donald Trump has told thousands of lies since running for president.  More like that the leftwing media has told thousands of lies about him in that time.  Democrats condemn Trump’s labelling their media “fake news” as violating their 1st Amendment rights trying to shut down journalists reporting the news.  Making up lies to report is not journalism but propaganda, and exposing their lies is not violating their rights but telling the truth.  Only criminals believe being exposed as criminals violates their rights.

President Trump says that drug cartels should be labelled as terrorist groups.  Democrats say that members of the NRA should be labelled as domestic terrorists.  Drugs kill over 50,000 Americans every year.  NYC is allowing anti-Semitic terror attacks to escalate giving criminals get out of jail free cards and bonuses.  Iranian terrorists attacked the U.S. embassy in Iraq and the liberal media cried because Americans were not killed before damning Trump as causing the attack by aborting Obama’s deal to give Iran nukes.  The degree of Trump hate in leftwing media and their slanders knows no bounds.  Over 90% of what they report is hate derived from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and their lies proliferate so deeply that ignorant fools can no longer discern the difference between their Big Lie campaign and the truth.

Meanwhile, amidst their impotent phony impeachment, Democrats are striving to bring more and more aliens into the country illegally to set up more tent cities on their streets in preparation for the Census to give them more House seats and vote this November against Republicans.  It is now reported that a real census proves that there are not just 12 million illegal aliens in the country but over 30 million.  Democrat’s denial that they vote falls on its face with the exposure of their multitude of lies about Trump.  They say he has lied thousands of times, but on examination it is found that the number they quote is how often they have lied and been called out for them, sometimes forcing them to print retractions before being taken to court.  There is nothing Democrats offer the good people of America except their tyranny to strip away American’s prosperity and rights.

3x more illegal aliens that Democrats want on Census for House seats

Putin thanks President Trump for intel that prevented New Year’s terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg – did any leftist media cover this?

NYC license to crime:

De Blasio giving freed NYC inmates MetroCards, gift cards, T-Mobile flip phones

Left slanders Trump over Iranian attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad:

Embassy Siege in Baghdad Ends After U.S. Marines Arrive

Obama previously met with and endorsed terrorist leader:

Obama’s terrorists

Donald J. Trump has proven to be the most awesome president perhaps in American history as he strives to save America from the communist left that has openly taken over the Democrat Party and successfully indoctrinated Millennials.  Socialists like Stalin’s communists and Hitler’s Nazis have always been anti-Jew and anti-Christian because Jesus is a Jew and Islamists always ally with them.  The said after WWII and the Cold War that this could never happen here.  It took just seven years after 9/11 for America to elect a Moslem communist to be leader of the free world and the new America anti-Christian, anti-American terror groups is what he has wrought.

Trump’s Greatest 2019 Accomplishments

Jew hate and socialism have always walked hand in hand

Chuck Todd Attacks Christianity Claiming Bible Stories Are Fairy Tales.

Biden says protecting Christian’s lives is “irrational”

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2 Responses to License to Lie – Fake News’ 1st Amendment Rights

  1. John says:

    The only way to rein in the media is to go after their sponsors.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I’m afraid you don’t have any idea how the media works anymore. Their sponsors who used to pay them to advertise have dried up because their audience has become so extremely small and single-minded. Their sponsors now are the Democrat Party that steals our taxes to subsidize them! How do we rein them in? They’ve been passing laws for decades allowing themselves and their propaganda machine to slander and libel people with impunity under the excuses that their targets are public figures and that you have to prove they are doing harm. With the way in which they’ve written these libel laws they get away with whatever lies they want to tell even if they get people killed. Check out the old Paul Newman movie, “Absent Malice.” The only way to put a stop to them is to educate the nation to vote against Democrats. But it has been they who have corrupted our education system so deeply that they have successfully indoctrinated Millennials to believe that socialism is benevolent. That’s why I say we must fight harder or this nation will go down in flames. Don’t ever let them own the narrative, don’t ever believe their lies, and don’t ever let them create a false premise without throwing it back in their faces.


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