Tweet Away, Donald!


Democrat media are proving journalism is dead, but leftist propaganda is in full bloom.

Should Trump use Twitter

The dishonesty of the leftwing media is so great that Trump’s use of Twitter is a necessity to bypass and expose their lies.  Liberals think they can mock Trump for using Twitter as “childish.”  These are the people who called four black men kidnapping and spending two days torturing a mentally disabled white boy a “children’s prank.”  They ran a story cursing Trump as a racist for moving the MLK bust and replacing it with Churchill’s where it once stood.  When Obama’s operatives in government intelligence agencies fed intel to leftwing media instead of informing Trump, that is the cue that Trump must not only sweep out ALL Obama people immediately, but that he must bypass the MSM that is working to backstab him through lies, smears, and innuendo.

Trump’s first action to begin whittling away the ObamaCare tax burden was declared in the MSM as destroying healthcare as if it didn’t exist before Obama.  They took a system that was working, broke it with their “solution,” and then duped the people into turning to them to fix what they broke.  If you bring your car to a mechanic for a radiator flush and he gives it back to you with the radiator leaking, do you bring your car back to him and pay to fix the damage?

21st century liberalism is the greatest repository of regressivism.  They see Islam as the non-white faith being oppressed when the goal of Islamists is to enslave the world.  But they are quick to ally with it as “diverse America social justice warriors” against white, Christian America.  They are clueless that Islamists will destroy them once they’ve used them to help destroy Christians.  Jihadis will happily throw gays from rooftops, stone women as tramps, and wipe out the “racially impure blacks” like they are in Darfur where Arab Islamo-Nazi Moslems are slaughtering the African Moslems.  These are all things the MSM covers up and misreports.

Democrats believe they can remake America by importing foreigners to do cheaper labor jobs that their taxes have caused to shrink along with the economy.  The flaw in this dysfunctional thinking is that foreigners from Mexico and Islam want to take over America.  This leaves American citizens sucking hind teat in Democrat’s policies.  This dystopian system works well for the elites as they set the peasants at each other’s throats by misinformation.  Third world ignorance works best for the ruling class, and Trump’s only option is to keep people informed by using Twitter as the fastest medium to get ahead of the lies being told.  As Mark Twain said, “A lie can get halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”


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1 Response to Tweet Away, Donald!

  1. Eileen says:

    It was ok for Obama to use twitter. As long as Jack Dorsey doesn’t ban him, go for it; tweets, assuming they aren’t censored are as close as you can get to an actual conversation.


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