Liberals say Trump is going to destroy the Earth

Don’t worry about giant meteorites, or super volcanoes, or nuclear holocaust, or leftist totalitarian terrorism.  Mankind, and the entire planet, will be rendered lifeless by climate change caused by Donald Trump.

Leftists say that if Trump pulls out of the Paris Accords to save the planet from mankind’s CO2 then he will be killing all life on the Earth in the next century.

The questions to be asked are; what does Donald Trump have to gain by destroying the planet?  Is he working on the theory that ‘he who dies with the most toys wins?’  Does he not care about his own grandchildren and their children?  Is he just too dumb to understand the science?  Is he living in denial of real danger?

The questions to be asked of leftist Democrats are; what do they have to gain by promoting this meme?  Do they not care if Americans become impoverished?  Do they believe the people will be better off under socialist dictatorship?  Will there be peace and prosperity if the masses are forced to submit to Islam?  Are Democrats too dumb to understand real science?  Do they not understand what is producing real danger?

The obvious answers to the thinking person who understands how the world works and has common sense that eludes the dysfunctional liberal mind is no to the former and yes to the latter.  Trump didn’t become a billionaire by being a dummy and he didn’t raise an excellent family to kill them off with greed.  But Democrats did nuke the American economy in 2008 to get themselves elected without concern because they knew they could tax all the wealth they wanted, and they want all people enthralled to the government under their control.

With Islamist jihadis murdering people by the tens of thousands, Democrats say Islam is peace and the greatest threat to life is climate change.  The climate has been changing from time immemorial and always will.  That they are trying to convince people that man can control the climate of the planet, and that they can predict the future, along with their assertion that global temperature is more dangerous than jihadis and fascist murderers is not just a joke.  The things to which Democrats attribute global warming as their cause should raise giant red flags that there is a massive disconnect between reality and liberal beliefs.

Democrats in Congress have asserted that global warming leads to:

  • Joblessness
  • Terrorism
  • Racism
  • Rape

That they claim anyone who doesn’t believe in their mythical religion of global warming denies the existence of science tells you all you need to know about the level of their delusions.  The actual fact that no one can create or has any data to support their predictions aside from computer models that were programmed to do so says the rest.  When Al Gore says the USA should give him $100T to save the planet from his fantasy it should say something about the competition between him and Obama about who would be the greatest conman in history.  Obama already put Bernie Madoff’s $50B to shame by scamming $10T from American taxpayers.  Now he and Algore seek to make it ten times that with their faux Paris Accords.  They do not reduce CO2 at all as China continues powering up their coal plants that are choking their cities, but redistributes American wealth everywhere else in the world while choking American energy.

Congressional Democrats have actually said that there would be no terrorism if we could give the terrorists jobs and cool the planet so that Arabs aren’t overheated.  Liberal delusional insanity would be the funniest of jokes were it not walking hand-in-hand with fascist totalitarianism.  The Axis of Evil on planet Earth is Islamist jihadis allied with Atheist climate change alarmists.  So what happens when you combine Hitler with Chicken Little?  You get a leftist who will kill you if you don’t submit to their religion.

Trump had best live up to his campaign promise to pull out of this Obama designed scam and keep America safe, wealthy, and strong.

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3 Responses to Liberals say Trump is going to destroy the Earth

  1. EIleen says:

    These are the same people who are triggered by National Geographic or Discovery Channel documentaries about wolf packs or lions hunting. These are the same people who are triggered by the idea that our favorite non-human dwellers in our homes are … carnivores and need meat to be healthy, They have said that dogs can be trained to be vegetarians! Not only do they ignore science about climate change (it is real, but very little of it is man-made – much of it is caused by the big star in the sky that rises each morning and sets each evening), but also ignore physiology. No dog that I know has the physiology to thrive on an all-plant diet. These are the same people who think that the green jelly like stuff in science fiction movies is healthy – for they are triggered by us eating plants or other animals.

    I am certainly not in favor of animal abuse, but I am in favor of eating animals that have been raised humanely and in their natural environments. Having gone the vegetarian route myself, I became stupid and slow until I put animals back into my diet. Although they claim to be pro-science, these are the most anti-science people I have EVER encountered. I know lots of healthy vegetarians, but they take great pains to get the proper ratios of fats into their diets; most of the pro-man-is-destroying-the-planet vegetarians I know are dumb and unhealthy because they are too brainwashed to eat right and avoid fluoridated water.

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    • LMinAppleton says:

      Eileen: I noticed your references to diet. Fat, sugar (preferably unrefined), salt, and cholesterol are all required for brain functioning but we are told to limit our intake of these to unreasonably low levels. Conversely, fluoride is added to our drinking water and we are told we should drink more water. However, fluoride is a proved mental retardant. Are you seeing a pattern here? Couple that with the dumbing down of the population through our schools, virtually all forms of media, and pharmaceutical drugging and the result is a population unable to reason and susceptible to ridiculous claims. It’s all about controlling the masses.


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