Democrats Organize a ‘Grassroots’ Anti-Trump Party Paid for by Obamaites


Leftists are touting their mob of rioters, obstructionists, and agitators as the Democrat’s “grassroots” TEA Party movement.

Democrats’ comparing their army of mobsters and thugs to the TEA Party is like Hitler comparing his Brown Shirts to the Amish.  The TEA Party sprang up when Obama signed the first trillion dollar deficit and shoved ObamaCare taxes down America’s throats.  They became the Taxed Enough Already Party taking their name from the Boston Tea Party that was the beginning of the colonial rebellion against King George’s taxes on the colonies.  No one in government had anything to do with the TEA Party.  Republicans shunned them, Democrats loathed them, and liberals despised them.  It was a grassroots campaign of Christian conservatives coming together to object to and reject government seizure of the healthcare industry, the auto industry, and impose higher taxes on the Middle Class to provide for welfare deadbeats and illegal aliens.

The Leftwing media immediately characterized them as southern racists who only objected to Democrat policies because Obama is black.  According to them, if a white woman like Hillary had done the same thing then everyone would have loved her as their standard of living decreased.  The Middle Class hasn’t had such a setback since the Great Depression, but Obama touted his economy for eight years as saving America from another great depression.  Democrats got the people’s answer to what they thought of that this past November.

The Great Obama Depression 2009-2017

This Democrat movement that is fully funded by Obama & Co. to conduct protests, riots, obstruction, and undermine the Trump administration needs a name.  So by what name will they be known?

How about –


Leftwing America-hating Radical Terrorist Socialists

or maybe –


Fraudulent America Killing Extremist Radical Socialists

better still –


America Hating Obstructionist Leftist Extremist Socialists

The Fake News media is comical in their desperate desire to become relevant by promoting yet another fraud by the Democrats on the American people.  The Obama fraud cost America $10,000,000,000,000, our economy, our military, and our standing in the world.  America’s economy is a lacking as in Jimmy Carter’s era, our military is weaker than since before WWII, our allies are no longer certain they can count on us, and our enemies are expanding and invading everywhere in the world.  The death cult of Islam has infiltrated the West with demands of becoming welfare parasites while striving to impose Sharia on the free people of the world.

The Refugee Jihad – the insanity of the Left’s ‘build bridges, not walls’ philosophy

Democrats continue to advocate for open borders, which is the insanity of believing that opening the doors of our homes to people demanding handouts is somehow righteous.  This is not how you make the world a better place like America, but how you bring down America by making the land of the free the land of the freeloader.  Leftwing liberal progressives believe America got wealthy by stealing from the rest of the world.  The growth of wealth throughout the world by people conducting trade with America proves that lie to be as baseless as Obama’s claim that his Black Flag Army is a grassroots patriotic movement.


Obama’s Black Flag Army

President Trump is in trouble.  A remarkable businessman, The Donald is a genius when it comes to trade, but he is not an ideologue who understands that Washington is not a group of people trying to make America better, but a bunch of racketeers trying to enrich themselves.  Hoodlums who will fight tooth and nail to keep what they have stolen from the people and stop Trump from giving it back.  Democrats and their RINO allies may fool Trump for a while and succeed in misleading him, but once a few heads have rolled off of their chopping blocks as Gen. Flynn’s did, Trump will begin to understand better that he has few allies in D.C.  And understand that this so-called Democrat grassroots movement is nothing more than organized Nazi Brown Shirts intent on disrupting and destroying his efforts to make America great again.  Leftists say their opposition to Trump is not different than Republican opposition had been to Obama.  If that were true then the TEA Party would never have rallied behind Donald Trump as the man of the people.

Trump’s greatest blunder

Democrat headhunters mount their first trophy: Gen. Flynn resigns

Violence vs. Free Speech: Liberal Defense of Nazism

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