Democrat headhunters mount their first trophy


Three weeks into his presidency Donald Trump is still waiting on half of his Cabinet to be confirmed, but Democrats have already succeeded in taking one of them down and crowing about it.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached an insanely fevered pitch with the resignation of Trump’s National Security Adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn.  With this victory the sharks smell blood in the water and will triple their efforts to obstruct, agitate, and riot until they actually kill someone.  Insane liberals have become hysterical in their grief over losing the election.  Declaring that Trump is Hitler and his travel restriction is the new Holocaust, they justify their violence as “self-defense.”  They will use that as their excuse to commit murder.

Gen. Flynn resigns over accusations over Russia contacts

Leftwing extremists say Republicans are fear-mongering that Islamic jihadis are terrorists and illegals steal jobs and benefits without paying taxes.  But the light of truth hurts them as they live in darkness!  They are so blind they see their claims that Trump is Hitler, that his travel restriction is genocide, that police are the KKK lynch mob of innocent blacks, or that man’s CO2 will destroy all life on the planet as any kind of fear-mongering when they are the ultimate fear-mongers!

Leftists declare they will shut down the “Nazi Fascist” Trumpsters with “necessary violence” justifying every evil they commit and promote.  The people who believe thieving totalitarian socialism is good, that man-made climate change isn’t a fraud, and that the death cult of Islam is peaceful say that Republicans are the insane radicals.  The poor fools that keep electing Democrats to steal from the rich, expecting they will share the wealth to lift them from poverty, and expecting a different result are devolving into mob rule shouting, “This is what democracy looks like!”  Is it any wonder their insanity has become violent and they justify it by saying Trump is committing genocide?

This is what Fascism looks like

Genocide of what?  Those suffering from the terminal insertion of their brains into their rectums?  The galactically stupid dreams of the eternally ignorant?  The devout leftists consistently recoil from and reject good moral sense.  How do you help people who fight against doing what is right?  The answer is you can’t help them because they lack a moral compass or the ability to see truth and righteousness.  You can only defeat them and insure that such disturbed, unhinged, irrational people do not hold power to inflict their dysfunctional ideology on the nation.

It’s bad enough to have them running around on the streets committing crimes.  It’s a mortal sin to give them the power of government rule.  They do not go to Town Halls to talk to Republicans, but to hoot like a bunch of baboons.  President Trump needs patriots to stand up against the Nazi Left that is trying to overthrow the election and shut down the Trump Administration.  They are flooding the courts with bogus suits and shouting down free speech to keep him from succeeding in undoing destructive Democrat policies that have corrupted and paralyzed America.

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4 Responses to Democrat headhunters mount their first trophy

  1. So, despite everything else regarding your views regarding non-Trump supporters (I keep those opposed to Trump labeled generally because not all non-Trump supporters are liberal), do you think Flynn’s “resignation” was necessary?


    • dustyk103 says:

      No! I think it’s like everything else. Republicans believe they must be “squeaky clean” so that there is not the least little hint of corruption or wrongdoing for the media to glom on to, and I absolutely believe this to be the wrong approach. Democrats can take heads on a whim just by claiming the appearance of impropriety. Their “seriousness of the charge” despite lack of evidence, or putting their spin on events (making mountains out of molehills is an incredible understatement), cannot be allowed to be used by them to sabotage Republicans. As I’ve written before, a Republican was forced to resign for tapping his foot in a bathroom stall, while a Democrat ran a male prostitution ring out of his house and was re-elected six times. Republicans need to stand up and tell these leftwing assassins to stick it where the sun don’t shine.


      • So you think everyone, including Trump and the Republicans, are over-reacting to Flynn’s relationship to Russia and lying to the Vice President? Come on. That’s far from clean let alone squeaky.


  2. EIleen says:

    I read somewhere that Gen Flynn was not squeaky clean, although he has gave the President Trump valuable intel regarding the other intelligence agencies. IMO, President Trump is trolling the intel agencies and Gen Flynn’s resignation is part of it. I do not think Flynn is “gone” as in “get outta here”.

    The second thing about killing Trump supporters – try to find us. Other than most of us not being overweight, most of us look like you.


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