Obama’s Black Flag Army

black-flagLeftists say Trump is suppressing free speech with rioters and threats.

From the Black Flag of Muhammad to the Skull & Crossbones of pirates to Hitler’s Black Shirts and now liberal Democrat’s black mask activists.  Anarchists, Socialists, Islamists, Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Liberals, Progressives, Imperialists, Democrats; they’re all the same people – Leftist America-hating Radical Terrorists: LEFTARTS

President Trump says he will deny federal funds to universities who allow student riots.  Leftists condemn this as anti-teaching, anti-learning, anti-education, and anti-American.  They ignore the fact that Obama denied funds to colleges that refused to abide by his personal law to allow men into women’s bathrooms.  What is American about teaching students to hate America and commit violence to silence free speech?  That’s not American, that’s Nazism!


Trump – no free speech, no federal funds

Leftists demand the right to riot as a form of free speech.  They then turn about and say it is rumored that the TEA Party is in disguise doing the rioting.  There are also rumors that liberals have brains and are capable of telling the truth or even know what the truth is.  Leftists say mankind is a virus killing Mother Earth and that our population must be reduced and managed by the elites.  Then they say it’s Republicans that want to kill everyone so they can have all the wealth for themselves.  Dead people don’t produce wealth.  It’s a sickness of the dysfunctional logic of liberalism that they believe they can make up any lie and no one will be able to see through them.


Robert Reich says Trumpsters are disguised as rioters

If leftists believe the rioters are Trump operatives disguised as liberals, why don’t they arrest and expose them?  This is just like voter fraud.  Democrats accuse Republicans of voter fraud, but when Republicans accuse Democrats they say ‘show us the evidence.’  But when President Trump says let’s make a deep investigation the leftists all back down and move to block such an investigation.  Why?  Because they know they are the guilty party and do not want their lies exposed!


A week of campus madness

Teacher calls on crowd to start killing people

From Mein Kampf Hitler instructed his followers to send his people to the opposition’s events, start fights, then blame the opposition as being violent.  He would also send his people in disguise to foment violence at his own events and then blame the opposition as having attacked them.  This is how the Left uses deception to smear the righteous and the Right must expose them!


Leftists say Republicans take the low road while they take the high road.  How do Nazis define high?  Liberals say they fear Trump’s violence as they perpetuate violence.  Leftarts say the Far Right are the Nazi fascists, not themselves.  Just as they say the Berkeley rioters are an illusion created by TEA Party operatives, they declare their cities are sanctuaries to foreign invaders then claim that sanctuary cities are an illusion:

Sanctuary Cities

Leftarts declare Sanctuary Cities

Punishing Sanctuary Cities

Leftists lie and laugh denying they have sanctuary cities

Obama’s Community Organizer Army of Black Flag Social Justice Warriors

Of all things leftists claim, you never hear about conservatives, Republicans, Christians, or anyone on the Right even write about doing evil, let alone actually terrorizing people.  In the 21st-century the only time you hear about the terrorist Christians is when the leftists cast aspersions that they’re the ones responsible, they’re the ones pretending to be liberal rioters.  Leftarts lie about everything.  They even create lies to say the Right told them.  Leftists encourage rioters and hold police back from arresting them so there is no proof of their origin leaving them free to blame Republicans.  Just as Obama set up activist judges to sabotage Trump, leftwing operatives undermine, deceive, and sow dissent through lies and manipulations of the ignorant who are too mind-numbed by misinformation to learn that righteousness does not begin with throwing rocks.


Jesse Watters exposing Leftarts’ campus madness

Obama’s professional rioters make useful idiots of protesters

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4 Responses to Obama’s Black Flag Army

  1. It’s just like the left to be left and claim it’s the right causing all the trouble.


  2. EIleen says:

    Those who have been following this election cycle, electoral college vote, Congressional certification, inauguration and 100-days know that whatever the leftist (and in some cases, the Democrats in Congress) say the President is guilty of, or his followers are guilty of are just admitting to those who do follow these that they, indeed are doing exactly that. So it is them who are fomenting riots, killing people and censoring opinions they don’t like. President Trump is acting exactly like Obama did and is not afraid to call them out on it. Although it appears that the leftists are winning, it appears that way because they are so noisy. IMO, there will be bloodshed, most in liberal cities, but some in places like AL or GA, two states that the Democrats thought they won, but did not.


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