Obama’s professional rioters make useful idiots of protesters


This is what FASCISM looks like!  Community organizing pays off when you use Hitler’s playbook to stage riots against Trump’s travel restrictions to begin putting a stop to terrorism.  From BLM to Berkeley – violent leftwing fanatics are the terrorists.

Students in American universities are being ginned up to protest against President Trump on the basis of lies about his policies.  As they conduct their protests, violent agitators show up to cause wanton destruction in an attempt to terrorize the people.  Democrat governors, mayors, police chiefs, and college deans stand back and watch without arresting anyone, then demand Trump supporters pay for the destruction because it happened in response to their actions.  This is right out of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s playbook of how to overthrow the rightfully elected government and seize power.  Lie, terrorize, and blame the victims.

Leftist Formula:

  • Convince fools that Trump is doing horrible things.
  • Organize a protest against him.
  • Hijack the event of useful idiots with violent criminals.
  • Blame Trump for civil unrest.
  • Declare themselves righteous.

It starts by their declaration that Trump’s EO restricting travel from terrorist nations is a ban on Moslems.  Then they say it’s not right and it’s not constitutional.  First off, these people who want to overthrow the Constitution don’t know what is or is not constitutional.  One, Trump should ban all Moslems because most of them want to overthrow the Constitution.  They are not coming to America to become Americans.  They are coming to subvert Americans.  Two, it is constitutional because it is against the law, i.e. the Constitution, to preach sedition in order to subvert the Constitution!

We banned Nazis and Communists for insurgency against the American government in their attempts to overthrow the will of the people in order to establish their tyrannical dictatorships.  Why should Islam be any differently because it claims to be a religion, but is in fact a brainwashed ideology of a hateful fanatic death cult?  Do you think that’s wrong?  That it’s racist?  That it’s Islamophobic?


You have Muhammad’s words from the Koran preaching peace among Muslims.  I have Muhammad’s life of waging war and fourteen centuries of Moslems fanatics warring against anyone who does not submit to Allah in accordance with the dictates of Muhammad!  The stated desire of 80% of Moslems is to impose Sharia on all peoples and enslave the world.  Ask me if I care if America alienates Moslems by banning Islam.  Who wants the savage Dark Age ravings of tyrannical warmongering pedophile to rule the world?

Not understanding the Left’s motives to crush free speech

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1 Response to Obama’s professional rioters make useful idiots of protesters

  1. You forgot one thing – fund them with hidden progressive resources and cash under the table. The IRS should root out these trouble maker anarchists.


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