The Shining City illuminates liberalism with darkness


Democrats become unhinged as patriots retake America!  Unhinged liberals believe it is 1861 and 1932 all over again.

It’s a great day for America, but a dark day for liberalism with the inauguration of an American son, Donald Trump, to the presidency.  Freedom is reborn from the ashes of the Obama debacle with the election of a Christian leader to replace the Moslem turncoat who has managed America’s decline, sucking trillions of dollars of American wealth from taxpayers to send to his brethren overseas to renew the Jihad.  Donald Trump, tapping into the hearts of patriots, has taken America back from the leftist Washington elites who believe us to be their money pot.  Americans are sick to death of politician’s lies, which is why Trump ran as a businessman who will work to set the nation right.  But this has caused the Left to become completely unhinged and desperate to overthrow America in order to continue their “progress” to regressive socialist tyranny.

They say they fight for democracy while they spew anarchy.  They say they fight for women’s dignity by smearing conservative women.  They say they fight for freedom by imposing tyranny.  The heart and soul of the Left is their defining characteristics being two-faced, self-righteous, lying hypocrites.  A liberal saying he stands for truth and righteousness is like a jihadi saying he stands for peace and love.  To understand liberalism you need only understand this riddle;

When can you look at the Sun and see darkness?


Leftarts rioting in Washington

Remember the TEA Party riots of 2008 after Obama’s election?  Remember how the Republicans boycotted his inauguration and the media smeared him?  Liberals say the TEA Party came into being because they are racists, yet they didn’t exist until Obama signed the trillion dollar deficit spending bill.  Those “gaps” in the crowd at Trump’s inauguration they say were proof that Obama is far more popular, but don’t reveal that those gaps were made by Democrats boycotting the event.  They say their rioting and “protests” are righteous, but how these Leftarts are warped is explained when they equate the Boston Tea Party to Jihadi terrorists – as if throwing tea into the harbor is the same as cutting off the heads of Christians and raping women.

boston-tea-party isis-mass-shooting-executionKilled by ISISMoslems are slaughtering Christians as well as “honor killing” their daughters for even thinking of leaving Islam for Christ.


Now they are saying that the inauguration of Trump is equivalent to the inauguration of Lincoln and set the country back to where it was in 1861.  Do they even know what happened in 1861?  (This just reinforces what Limbaugh said, that he hasn’t seen Democrats this mad since Republicans took their slaves away.)  What does it take to recognize the sick mentality of the Left?


Do you remember what happened in 1861?  That was the year the Democrats went to war to separate the slave states from the rest of America so they could retain slavery.  Liberals don’t know this!  The believe Democrats are fighting for the rights of blacks when they are actually fighting for the continued oppression of blacks.  What makes it worse is that 90% of blacks don’t know this either, and rather than strive for liberty, education, and jobs, they live happily on welfare stolen from those who work while they do drugs and strive only to steal more.  That is why they are invested in being the submissive, yet violent servants of the Left.


They liken Trump to Hitler being elected in 1932 because in their minds police who shoot black criminals are racists committing a holocaust under the banner of the KKK.  The Left is projecting the evils they perpetrated on the world in 1861 and 1932 onto the Right.  But American patriots already know this is what happened in America in 2008 with the election of a racist Moslem who wanted to punish white Christians.  In reality, 2016 is another 1980 when the people elected a leader who stands for them and not for the Washington elites, their cronies, and their deadbeat, drugged up, thieving fanatics.  Even so, there were Republicans against Reagan then just as there are faux conservatives today who remain NeverTrumpers.  They are either RINOs or self-righteous hypocrites like McCain who already tried to stick a knife in Trump’s back.

Democrat’s Fake News makes Trump’s day!

In 2008 the cowardly Nazis of the Left elected a Moslem to transform America into a socialist dictatorship.  Those who say Obama is not Moslem “because he says so” should believe that I am the Voice of God because I say so.  Who do they think they’re fooling as they are being fooled?  Actions speak louder than words.  The actions of the Left tell you who and what they are – Islamo-Nazi Fascist Commies – the people who would dictate, enslave, and murder those who stand against their oppression.  The Right is liberty, the Left is slavery, and they prove this with their riots and their demands for a government that steals from those who work to earn their money for a living.  They live in a dystopia of their own making and believe others are responsible for their suffering when they are the ones voting for it!


Everything Obama promised in his inaugural address has been proven a lie by his actions during his presidency.  A prosperous America is a disaster for Democrats who need a dependent underclass that can be fooled with empty promises of giving them wealth into voting them into power.  If blacks won’t do it then they import cheap labor from South America to be illegal voters.  They populate our schools with leftist teachers who indoctrinate our children with lies about how capitalism doesn’t bring prosperity, but is the ideology of greedy rich men who steal from the poor.

The only rich men who steal from the poor are slavers, i.e. Democrats.  American capitalism has allowed the creation of a Middle Class for the first time in history.  The Left tells the ignorant that socialism is justice for all when it has never been anything other than tyranny under the likes of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.  These Democrat lies are obvious to the educated who know history and science, people who recognize the lies that Islam is peace and climate change is man-made, but become truth in the minds of the gullible.  Man can no more control the climate than he can control the brainwashed fanatic jihadis of Muhammad.  Americans who are submitting to Islam that is waging war on liberty are no different than cowards like John Lewis, whom the Left calls an iconic hero, because he fought Democrats in the 60s for civil rights, but then became one of them after they bashed him in the head in Selma.

Trump not a legitimate President?  Democrats are not legitimate Americans!

Morality and ethics of the Prophet Muhammad and the anti-Christ Left

CO2 the global warming lies


Donald Trump has been a man of his word.  He says what he means and he means what he says.  The proof that he is the opposite of Obama is seen in how the Leftarts strive to smear him with every lie, to twist his words with every statement, and expose him to what he is in their minds as they project their own evil intentions on him.  NeverTrumpers and Democrats are upset that he has come to Washington to upset their applecart and rain on their parade, taking away the socialist dictatorship they have worked so hard to establish and stop their gravy train of feasting on taxpayer money.  That is why they are smearing him as a thief, calling for his impeachment before he is even inaugurated, and dreaming of assassinating him like they did Lincoln for freeing the slaves, and Kennedy for lowering taxes and obstructing their Communist agenda.  Every Democrat since then has moved the country to the left and only Reagan was able to reverse their advance a give Americans a generation of hope and prosperity again.


Now that he is President, Leftarts say that, “Trump must stop poking the opposition,” and start working with Democrats and RINOs to get things done.  They say, “In order to succeed he must reshape his agenda to a much wider group than just his supporters.”  That is not how Trump or American patriots see it, and hopefully Trump will understand that working with Democrats, instead of against them, is what caused the fall of both Bush presidencies.  Democrats will bring nothing to the table to make America great again.  America is in the shape it is because of Democrats and Republican elitists who work together.  Those who have been campaigning as conservatives and then go to Washington to work with liberals are the lying politicians who are profiting off of Americans rather than working to make America prosperous, and that is why Americans turned to a true outsider.  Republicans who work with Democrats are those who submit to oppression for their own personal benefit, just like Lewis and Islamists.  They call Trump a “populist” as if he only says what people want to hear.  But that is all politicians have been doing for decades.

Americans have hope that Donald Trump will take the boot of Washington off of the throats of America and let us breathe.  We hope that he will drain the swamp of rancid, incestuous corruption out of Washington and renew America.  Leftarts sling mud at his Cabinet as a group of greedy thieves who will steal more from America than the Washington Establishment has been.  The difference between Trumpsters and Obamaites is that all of Trump’s people are already supremely accomplished achievers, while Obama’s people were all academics and social justice warriors who wanted to promote socialism through taxing the rich rather than grow the economy so the Middle Class could prosper, and that is why the Middle Class shrank under Obama.  Reagan proved that growing the economy grows the tax base, not government just confiscating more in taxes.  Reducing America to a socialist banana republic would only benefit those in power as socialism has always done throughout world history.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh


There are only two ways to acquire wealth – earn it or steal it.  The Left would have you believe it is the Christian Right that steals, that Republicans give the rich tax breaks while putting the burden on the Middle Class, but that leftist ideologies like Communism, Nazism, Fascism, and Islamism bring prosperity to the people.  Do you know which party has been in charge of the government for most of the last century?  Do you know that in the eight years under Obama Washington, D.C. has surpassed Silicon Valley as the richest region in America?

Reaganomics – 1980 and Now

Obamanomics – unemployment benefits creates jobs

America the Shining City on a Hill


Why so much more faith that Trump is a man of his word?  Look at his companies, his employees, and his family.  His companies are successful and even when he was down he recovered.  The man himself is a dynamo who works smart and never stops and that’s how you become a billionaire.  His employees love him as a superb boss because he respects all people and isn’t one of those bosses like Obama who believes he should lord it over the little people.  And his family is not just rich and beautiful, but morally upright and as hard working as their father.  This is not the kind of man who will use and abuse others like the control freaks of the Leftarts.  The difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama promised to heal the world and share the wealth, while Trump only promises to help Americans prosper from their own labor.


Liberals say Trump is darkness, yet Republicans see Trump as the light of hope.  There is a reason for this disparity due to how liberals see the world.  Those who see God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator lack the moral compass to see properly.  Those who call themselves Christians, but follow atheists and Islamists, should re-examine their beliefs.  Jesus never said to love Satan.

When can you look at the Sun and see darkness?

When you understand the truth of this riddle you will understand liberalism.


Trump’s inauguration speech

Decline of America


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2 Responses to The Shining City illuminates liberalism with darkness

  1. Eileen says:

    A couple of comments. The MSM belittles the President because he uses Twitter to communicate directly to the people. Although I am not a fan of Twitter, I still think that even if MSM starts changing their tune, the President continue using Twitter – why? It is one of the few ways he can reach out to millennials. One of the most important people in the Trump administration may be Kelly Ann Conway because she knows how to relate to millennials – the words they use, what to say in social media platforms, etc. Even though lots of mllennials did not vote, that action says more about the Democratic candidate and than about the President. His goal, if he wishes to transform America is to figure out a way to engage the disengaged millennials, for there are FAR more of them than there are the leftists, many of whom are older feminists who will eventually go away.

    Saul Alinsky was around in the sixties. I can’t imagine him hanging around that much longer; the time to reach the millennials is now, so they don’t continue the divide and conquer legacy of Alinksy.


    • Rob Milliken says:

      Yeah, Conway relates to millennials. Microwaves have security footage too. Trump unites all millennials by using twitter, they love it because he unites America by saying how Democrats are obstructionists. What unity he invites from other parties and the next generation. Truth – Trump is the best thing to happen to Democrats and I hope he stays in office until the next election.


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