Trump has never sexually harassed a woman unlike the Clintons


Trump is guilty of being a man.  The Clintons are guilty of rape, corruption, and other crimes.  Liberals say Trump should be executed for his words, but praise Bill and Hillary for corrupting justice.

Donald Trump is seventy years old and has been in the public eye for most of it.  In all that time not a single woman has ever come forward to say Trump acted sexually inappropriate with her in any way, unlike Hillary Clinton who had her husband accused of sexually harassing, molesting, and even raping women.  But because he was Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, she made certain the Attorneys General brought no charges against him.  Liberals say this is proof of innocence when it is proof of corruption.

Trump press conference with Clinton’s victims

No doubt after Trump denied ever molesting women in the second debate and humiliated Hillary by bringing Bill’s victims to the event, Hillary has her team out looking for any woman they can pay to make those charges before the election.  They did it to Herman Cain during the primaries of 2012 when they got a woman who lived in the same New York apartments as Obama’s campaign manager to claim Cain had an affair with her.  Cain dropped out because the dirty sewage of Democrat political campaign smears was too hurtful for his wife.  They did it to Mitt Romney claiming he took away the medical insurance of an employee whose wife was dying of cancer.  Romney failed to counter that lie with the truth that the woman had her own health insurance and didn’t need her husband’s.  They even convinced ignorant fools that Romney abused his dog.


As they always do when they launch their false attacks, when their target defends themselves they claim ‘there must be something to it if he’s defensive.’  If their victims don’t fight back then they claim victory.  It’s the same when the leftwing media puts out their phony polls trying to sway public opinion rather than reflect it.  With liberals you are always set up to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Wikileaks exposes corrupt media taking orders from Clinton campaign

In liberalism the righteous are always guilty until proven innocent.  But when it’s their own people then they’re always innocent even when proven guilty.  This is what causes cowards and the naïve to be fearful of the Democrat propaganda machine.  These Republicans who abandoned Trump are spineless, faithless politicians.  Trump is beginning to understand just how rigged the system is and speaks out against it.  Hillary actually had the gall to come out and say about Trump’s locker room speak, “That’s not how we talk in our locker rooms.”  Hillary, you lying old skank!  Your own husband even bragged about how you “ate more pussy than [he] did.”  For someone who says she’s the champion of gay and women’s rights, why is she so ashamed to admit her own homosexuality and that her marriage is just a sham to cover it up?


All of this is just a distraction to take the ignorant independent’s eyes off the real issues of Democrats killing our energy and inviting Islamo-Nazism into America.  Here’s a list of things you should know before you vote:

For Eight Years Republicans Stifled Obama’s “Great Vision”

Awarding Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize on the come rolls snake-eyes

Thank you, Obama?  FRACK YOU!

Socialists stick their greedy hands up the Golden Goose’s A$$!

The Guarantee of Hillary or the Potential of Trump – decline or rise

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2 Responses to Trump has never sexually harassed a woman unlike the Clintons

  1. EIleen says:

    Hillary is such a LIAR. I personally heard such conversations in women’s locker rooms! Grow Up, Hillary and quit being Holier than Thou! You know women speak that way, unless you are willing to get up to the podium and say you NEVER worked out or participated in women’s sports. I am at least willing to admit that yes, women do talk that way which is WHY it does NOT bother me that men talk that way, as long as they don’t do it in front of me AFTER I take the initiative and ask them to have their conversation elsewhere. I am pretty sure that Trump, being a gentleman did NOT engage in such conversation in mixed company!


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