Hollywood Royalty turns on Hillary’s incompetent corruption

Hollywood royalty for Trump

You know Democrats are in trouble when members of “Hollywood Royalty” openly support the Republican candidate.

What could be wrong with Hillary Clinton?  After all, she has female anatomy, which is an ace in the hole for the next Democrat president to be criticism proof.  The first black Moslem president has been able to trample the Constitution under his banana republic boots, so the first female should be able to continue his legacy of tearing down America and rebuilding it in their leftwing socialist image.  Hillary has been able to claim she doesn’t know what classified material is after twenty years in the top of government, but her zombies believe she has the utmost respect for national security and the law.

Which is worse; that Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for president who has built vast wealth by selling government access to foreign powers, or that she claims to be completely incompetent and senile in handling classified state department materials?

It’s not enough that the Clinton Foundation has raked in a hundred millions dollars from foreign governments including those hostile to America, and that money is being laundered as campaign cash for the Clinton political machine under the guise of being a charity with multiple tax benefits.  It’s not enough that the Clintons are paid tens of millions of dollars by Democrat donors as “fees for speeches,” as if anyone else in the country can make six figures giving twenty minute speeches.  It’s not enough that she installed an illegal server in her basement by which she communicated with foreign powers and domestic donors, and that she destroyed the evidence when subpoenaed by the FBI and claims innocence.  It’s not enough that the emails she sent were discovered to have been classified and she, after twenty years in Washington, claims that she couldn’t recognize classified markings.

Her lemming zombies will never turn on her and will always fall at her feet and believe what she says regardless of what she does just as they have for Obama.  Betraying the nation means nothing to Democrats who hate America and believe it has never been great, but would be great if brought down to their level.  Democrats are all in on giving control of America to foreigners and transforming her into a banana republic.

Hillary tech idiotHillary's deal

I can’t wait until WikiLeaks digs up the emails in which she and Obama are revealed to have been communicating with ISIS and making deals for weapons to overthrow middle-eastern governments.  What will be especially interesting is if they can find the ones where they made a deal with the Libyan arm of ISIS to abduct Ambassador Stevens and trade him for Al-Qaeda leaders in Guantanamo.  It would be hysterical to reveal how Obama was going to claim being the great peacemaker in obtaining his release, but the damn fools killed the guy instead forcing Obama to make the trade for deserter and traitor Bo Bergdahl.

With so much open corruption is it any wonder that even Hollywood, which is notorious for being as much a citadel of liberal Democrat stupidity and corruption as D.C., would turn on the openly incompetent corruption of the most elite in Washington?  What does that say about the zombie lemmings who not only vow to vote for her, but cheer her most insipid speeches and repetition of Democrat’s decade’s old broken promises?

Hello!  Is there even a light bulb anywhere between your ears?  Does it work?


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5 Responses to Hollywood Royalty turns on Hillary’s incompetent corruption

  1. EIleen says:

    Having lived in CA for most of my adult life, and knowing that the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders (No fan of Bernie, but believe in fair play), I also think that Californians are upset over that and the results of the general election may surprise election watchers. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Jill Stein splits the Democratic vote there. If the Republican turnout is high, Trump may win the state just because there are less Republicans upset as a percentage of total vote than are Democrats who are upset as a percentage of the vote. Not prognosticating here, just mentioning that IMO (disclaimer – I am not an expert on election prognostication), things won’t go very well in the electoral college for Clinton.

    Trump is under no illusions about CA, so the fact that he won’t win it is part of his electoral strategy. IMO if he spends some time there he can swing it, but if he thinks its a waste of money, I’ll respect that opinion.

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  2. Boz says:

    That image looks photoshopped.


    • dustyk103 says:

      It is, but what does that matter? It’s just a visual aid of the truth, not like the visuals created by the Democrat media. Both Kurt and Goldie have endorsed Trump as have a slew of celebrities that have made Hollywood liberal Democrats recoil in horror for fear of losing their crony patronage.

      The problem with liberals is that they don’t investigate facts beyond the surface. This is what is meant by, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You look at the picture and then find it is photoshopped and you don’t bother to read the article and find out why Kurt and Goldie have turned on Hillary, let alone find out what Hillary has done. You believe her when she says she turned over all her emails and “there’s nothing to see her” because she said so.

      You don’t know that the investigation opened reporting that she was subpoenaed for 60,000 emails and destroyed all evidence rather than comply. They have only uncovered 30,000 of them and now say they found another 15,000 of them, but there’s still another 15,000 missing, and these are all federal documents required to be recorded. That she used Bleachbit to scrub her hard drives is a crime in itself and you believe she did that to cover up her yoga schedule?

      You believe her when she says she did it for convenience of using just one device, but ignore the report of her using many and her staff destroying them. She believe her when she says she didn’t recognize classified markings and she’s been in Washington for 20 years? She has as much credibility as Obama saying he is not a Moslem. Look beyond the surface of the ocean and you’ll discover a world of wonders – or, in her case, of corruption.

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  3. Virtually the entire membership of the Screen Actors Guild could endorse and vote for Trump, and he would still lose California. Too much Clinton support in the cities, and way more population inside than outside of them.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I believe much of that would be deteriorated with not just laws, but actions to stop voter fraud. I estimate that Democrats gain 10% of their votes through fraud by having their operatives vote for those who don’t ever vote. Plus, I don’t trust any computer that records votes without leaving a paper trail. Far too easy to program them as you wish. In addition, any polling place that removes Republican observers should have ALL votes discarded and the pollsters arrested, charged, and imprisoned for fraud.

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