Expect Hillary to use illness to bow out of debates


Could Hillary’s illness be Obama’s backdoor to another term?

Hillary collapses at 9/11 Memorial

Democrats are scared to death of Hillary facing Trump in debates following the debacle of Matt Lauer’s presidential forum.  Where Trump exhibited presidential authority as well as congeniality, Hillary was skunked and angered by questions of her actions.  Matt’s Democrat media friends attacked him for making the smartest woman in the world look like a petty, corrupt politician.  The truth hurts when the woman they promote as more qualified to be president than anyone in history, who is supposed to be so knowledgeable that she has forgotten more than Trump could learn, is revealed for what she is; a pathological liar, corrupt politician, and common leftist hater.

They have demanded that Chris Wallace be removed as moderator because they fear him, knowing he will ask the most penetrating questions without reservation.  For Trump that means he will ask him about the worst things he has ever said.  For Hillary that means he will ask her about the worst things she has ever done.  All of Trump’s nastiest comments have been during this campaign against those who attacked him.  Hillary is all about covering up her extreme corruption, Pay for Play, destruction of State Dept. emails, Benghazi, and her foundation.

Rush Limbaugh put it all into perspective:

“The conventional wisdom has been that Hillary is just gonna mop the floor with Trump in these debates.  It’s gonna be so bad that it’s gonna be embarrassing.  And why?  Well, because Hillary is so smart.  She’s the smartest woman in the world.  Hillary Clinton knows more and has forgotten more than Donald is capable of learning.  She can dazzle. She can impress. She can talk about government in intricacies involved with government, the names of agencies, the names of foreign leaders, and Trump’s gonna be reduced to a stumbling, bumbling ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da Bruce Babbitt.

“Except it didn’t work out that way.  You know what they have figured out?  You can tell, when the leftists go after one of their own in the media, which they did; they set out, they just tried to destroy poor old Matt Lauer.”

David Rodham Gergen said,

“The good news here for Hillary coming out of the Matt Lauer thing is, Lester Holt is gonna be the host for the first debate.  Lester Holt in the first debate is gonna be under heavy pressure.  If either candidate lies, you gotta call ‘em on it.”

Really?  The press hasn’t called out Hillary or Obama for a single solitary lie in all the years they have been telling nothing but lies!  No one believes these Democrat operatives in the media are going to honestly stop Trump from lying when all they do is cover up all of Hillary’s lies!  They’ll call what Trump says that is true a lie!  Remember Candy Crowley in the second Obama-Romney debate?  When Romney called out Obama on his lie claiming that he called the Benghazi attack terrorism in the Rose Garden the day after it happened, she didn’t support Romney on telling the truth – she backed up Obama’s lie!  Romney stood flummoxed that a moderator just took sides to support a lie!  Despite Crowley admitting it the next day the damage was done and Romney would go on to lose the election, but the credibility of the leftwing media was openly shattered.

Leftwing truth detectors? Right!  And foxes make great guards for henhouses!  You want a Truth Detector look to Rush Limbaugh to put the leftwingnut anti-American agenda into perspective.  Hillary attempting to shut up the righteous as “deplorables” who are racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic haters that complain of her endorsing criminal terrorists of BLM, and importing cheap labor along with Sharia Islamic jihadis is going to bite her fat butt!


Now the Left is terrified after Lauer’s Presidential Forum because Hillary bombed and Trump starred!

Trump on Lauer’s Presidential Forum

Hillary on Lauer’s Presidential Forum

Don’t be surprised if Democrats continue their campaign of Hillary best being seen and not heard leaving Trump to debate an empty podium.  That’s when he should ask the questions the leftwing media won’t ala Clint Eastwood.  While most Democrats endorse Hillary’s corruption as they have Obama’s, that won’t fly well when Trump launches truth missiles at the Democrat agenda of globalism.

Now here’s the rub.  Obama cannot legally run for a third term without generating a Constitutional crisis of the first order and a potential uprising.  But what if he stepped in to Kaine’s VP slot after Hillary’s election and then replaced her when she kicked the bucket?  There’s nothing illegal about that, but it would certainly seal America’s fate to be destroyed by the Moslem socialist if allowed.

[Author’s note: Don’t be surprised if Democrats can pull out a win with their voter fraud machine.  Computers that don’t leave a paper trail, Democrat counties that forcibly remove Republican overseers and then report 150% voter turnout all for Democrats, and leftwing states that are registering illegal aliens to vote, people voting absentee in multiple states plus going to the poll in their own, and Democrats who keep dead people registered all add up.  Why else would Democrats fight so hard to stop voter ID?  In Obama’s banana republic Democrats are restricted from voting multiple times is “racist.”  The real question is; would you expect Republicans to rebel if Obama slipped back in to the Oval Office?]

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3 Responses to Expect Hillary to use illness to bow out of debates

  1. EIleen says:

    The Democrats may engage in voter fraud but I don’t expect them to get away with it. All we have to go on is Romney’s performance in 2012 in the face of voter fraud. He did not fight back. I don’t expect Trump to back down. I give his ground game credit for understanding the magnitude of the Democratic vote getting machine at the local level and expect him to have a strategy in place to fight back between Nov 9 and Dec 15 (or whenever the Electoral College meets). Just because Bernie didn’t fight the vote stealing in California does not mean that the Democrats have this election in the bag.

    Everybody said Clinton controls the media therefore she’ll win. Well, Trump controls the content in cyberspace and so far that has proven to be a far more effective delivery method than has the mainstream media and Clinton does not understand how it works. So he is able to get his message out even to people in Europe, not that Europeans matter, although in the long run, they may.


  2. LMinAppleton says:

    Technically, there is nothing in the 22nd Amendment to prevent Obama stepping into Kaine’s vice presidential position but it would certainly violate the spirit of the 22nd Amendment. Then again, there is so little respect for the Constitution by both parties that nothing would surprise me.

    As for Hillary missing the debate, I think if she does then she might just as well resign from the campaign altogether.


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