Trumpsters won’t leave over lies, nor Hillarites leave over truths

Trump Hillary voters

Democrat media pundits are waging war on Trump to smear him and twist his words to turn voters against him, while they cover up for Hillary’s corruption and keep her sequestered.  This is why we always end up with “the lesser of two evils” and so often the worst one wins.

Democrat media pundits are going insane over Trump’s attacks on Hillary and his supporters standing by him when told Trump flip-flopped on his campaign’s foundational immigration policy.  They even mocked his spokeswoman when she said his policies haven’t changed, but he is just saying it differently.  At the same time they cheer Hillary’s supporters who refuse to believe the Clinton Foundation is the pinnacle of Washington corruption or that her email crimes are crimes.  When Hillary says she hasn’t lied in a dozen different ways they applaud her as being intellectually honest, and believe she speaks truth when she says Republicans are racists, and that Democrats have made the lives of black Americans better.  As Hillary and Obama unleash black criminals on American streets to riot, loot, and burn, and Rush Limbaugh exposes Obama’s schemes to inflict low rent housing for criminals on the suburbs, and disrupt the heartland by giving money to lesbians to become farmers, the leftist propaganda machine is rattling its way down Main Street USA toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Arly Ermy

Trump speaks softer on immigration, not on upholding laws

Hillary says Trump has made hate a mainstream movement, while Trump appealed to blacks asking why they stay loyal to Democrats who have destroyed them?  After eighty years beginning with FDR’s Raw Deal, black families have been destroyed and black culture has been converted into the criminal culture of today’s welfare voter slaves.  Yet the Democrat media continues to try to label Republicans as the party of the KKK, while making certain the public sees as little of the sickly, unpleasant Hillary Clinton as possible.  Blacks have been displaced by illegals to which Democrats want to grant citizen’s rights and it remains to be seen if the light bulb goes on for any of them.

Ayn Rand

Why do Hillary supporters applaud instead of laughing at her?

That light bulb remains dark for many liberals who call themselves Americans, patriots, or Christians.  They continue to support Hillary’s efforts to have illegals and Moslems invade America, alter America’s Constitutional laws, and overthrow American foundational principles.  Liberals say they are against Washington corruption, lobbyists, and wasteful spending.  By voting Democrat they fully endorse Democrats stealing trillions in taxpayer dollars to give to Wall Street as corporate welfare.  By voting Democrat they fully endorse Hillary using the Clinton Foundation as a conduit by which foreigners have bought access and favors from Washington when she was Secretary of State.  Those same foreign powers that have been purchasing Hillary’s presidency wish to continue the Obama Doctrine; weakening America’s economy, disrupting her society, corrupting her culture, importing Sharia, and taking the greatest Christian nation in the world, the powerful right arm of freedom, off the world stage to enable socialists and Islamists to expand and prevail.

Hillary smears all Republicans as racists, Trump won’t let her hypocrisy go

Trump’s Wall won’t stop America’s fall

We the People

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