The Obama Doctrine – Save the Earth from America

The Hope and Change mantra of Barack Hussein Obama has been revealed by his actions over the last five years to be nothing more than Hype and Blame.  The Obamanation of which his followers dreamed is being revealed by his economic policies as the systematic reduction of American economic power.  The man liberals called “a new kind of politician” is nothing more than the oldest kind of politician; a pandering demagogue whose only purpose is to scam the people of their liberty and steal the wealth of the nation for himself and his cronies.  The president who is so far left that he can do no right is establishing his Obamanation of America by creating Obamavilles for the peasants while their overlords are building castles in Washington.

Washington the richest region in America

Obama is a pathological narcissist taking credit for the success of others while blaming them for his own failures.  His policies, to reduce American strength at home and influence in the world, are being propped up by his successful campaign to convince low-information voters to believe that Republicans are evil, greedy, rich white men and everything is their fault.  The only thing that makes this worse than just the duplicity of a pandering demagogue like Obama is the gullible fools who ignorantly continue to follow him.

Saying that raising the debt ceiling is not raising the debt, Obama attempts to convince people that because the money is not yet spent then it’s okay to raise the limit.  That’s like saying driving a car over a cliff is not a car wreck… until it hits the bottom.  Obama’s parsing of words is a major part of how he fools the ignorant with his stupid ideas.  He has already doubled the national debt since taking office and shows no signs of slowing down his deficit spending which has yielded none of the results he said it would.

Obama says raising the debt ceiling is not raising the debt

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