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Is Obama planning a coup using amnesty with Boehner’s help?

As a radical Leftist, narcissist, and megalomaniac, Barack Obama has all the qualities of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao that enabled them to grab absolute power in their countries during the 20th century.  Obama sees himself as a potential Caesar, while … Continue reading

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Obamanomics – Unemployment benefits creates jobs

This is economics for the galactically stupid.  Democrats have forced more Americans out of the job market than at any time since the Great Depression.  The depressions of Wilson and FDR, both caused by government stealing American wealth through massive … Continue reading

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Liberals and moderates at war with the TEA Party

Both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are in open war against conservatives of the TEA Party, mocking and smearing them in every conceivable manner.  From stealing funding through illegal taxation to the Geico gecko making a commercial with a tea … Continue reading

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A war record to be proud of: Bush +3 Obama -5

The revelations about the Obama presidency revealed by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates comes as no surprise to those who know that Barack Obama is a fraud from head to toe.  Gates condemns Obama, along with former Secretary of … Continue reading

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Unemployment in Obamaville drops to 6.7% making 92 million Democrat parasites

December saw only 74,000 new jobs created, mostly part-time and temporary, far less than the 196,000 expected by economists.  The official Obamaville unemployment rate dropped from 7% to 6.7%, not because of new jobs which requires 300,000 new jobs for … Continue reading

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Obama’s Utopia – the American Dream killer

“Income inequality” is Obama’s new mantra.  There is no more hope of an economic recovery, there is only the change from capitalism to socialism and the destruction of the American Dream.  A young millennial wrote an article for Rolling Stone … Continue reading

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Obama frees terrorist, persecutes Christians, bringing American frogs to a boil

Scientists found that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water he would immediately leap out.  But if you put the frog in a pot of tepid water and then turned on the heat to bring it … Continue reading

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