Jesus is not welcome in New York

New York’s Gov. Cuomo has issued a brilliantly fascist, hateful command to all Christians, members of the TEA Party and GOP, and all conservatives who will not embrace abortion, gay marriage, and gun confiscation that they are not welcome in the State of New York.  Cuomo called those who are against abortion, gay marriage, and confiscation of guns from citizens “extremists” who have no place in his state.  Archbishop Cardinal Dolan responded to the governor’s declaration says he’d better be ready to engage in holy battle if he seeks to expand New York’s already extensive abortion rights.

Gov. Cuomo to conservatives, “GTFO of New York!”

“Jesus,” Christians say, “would never support abortion, but call it infanticide.”  While Jesus denounces killing babies in the womb and condemns those who take the lives of infants before they are born as committing a most heinous sin, Satan gives his full endorsement to baby sacrifices in his name.  Likewise, Barack Obama also gives his complete support to Gov. Cuomo to extend killing babies not just through late term, but even after a doctor botches the abortion attempt and they are born alive.

Obama supports infanticide 

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