They died in vain – Benghazi

This is a tale about two heroes.  Not liberal’s idea of heroes whose only achievement was surviving a tragedy or disaster.  Not Leftwing heroes who cry “unfair” in America.  This is the tale of two men who sacrificed their lives so that others might live.

“Greater love has no man than that he give his life for a friend.” – Jesus

This is the tale of true heroes.  Two of America’s finest, heroes of the highest caliber who are not only unsung, but unlamented by most of the country, reviled and despised by tens of millions of the people they served.  This is the story of The Battling Boys of Benghazi, two Navy SEALs that stood against a hundred Islamist terrorists who assaulted the American embassy in Libya, and whose Commander-in-Chief would not come to their aid.

Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty both served the U.S. military in war with distinction.  They were not mere soldiers but members of America’s most elite warriors.  To understand the courage, the dedication, and the quality of these men there is no better movie to see than “Act of Valor” that stars actual SEALs.

As everyone knows, military pay is poor.  Most military funds are spent on training and equipment.  Hazard pay is a pittance compared to the bonuses of congressional aides who face nothing more dangerous than D.C. traffic and paper cuts.  The government pays its civilian contractors far more handsomely than those who serve in uniform, so it is not surprising that they opted to resign their commissions to serve with military contractors that paid ten times what Uncle Sam gave them to be shot at in war zones.

But liberals scorn them as “mercenaries,” men who will serve anyone that pays them.  These men do not deserve such vile epithets.  They did not and would not serve under foreign rulers, but served only the American people.  Thus their devout loyalty to their oath as American servicemen remains untarnished except by the most malicious of charges by the basest of people.  To a liberal it is not a sin to want higher pay even for illegal immigrants and unskilled, uneducated hamburger flippers, unless you are a member of the military.

In the summer of 2012, Ambassador Chris Stevens had been pleading for more embassy security that had been reduced by order of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  But his pleas fell on deaf ears that Clinton claims were rubber stamped with her signature.  On 9-11 over a hundred Moslem terrorists attacked the embassy in Libya with heavy weapons, including mortars, less than a year after Barack Obama assisted them in overthrowing Muammar Qaddafi.  The ambassador immediately sent out a cry for help to the State Department and all nearby military forces.

As Stevens hid in the embassy with two others, the president and his staff were notified of the attack and the order came for any rescue forces to stand down.  Woods and Doherty ignored that order and went to the rescue anyway.  They and their staffs got to the embassy staff in an annex to which they had retreated and began evacuating them.  For eight hours they held off the attacks from a heavy machine gun emplacement on the roof, pointing lasers at enemy positions for aerial bombs.

But no bombs came.  Despite having fighter/bombers that could have reached them within an hour, the White House re-issued the stand down orders twice more.  Without anyone coming to their aid it was only a matter of time before a lucky mortar round from the inept attackers finally found its mark and killed Woods and Doherty.  But they had held off the attackers long enough for the embassy staff to escape to planes at the Benghazi airport.

Had these men still been commissioned Navy SEALs they would have received the Medal of Honor for their heroism and sacrifice.  Had the president been a Republican he would have received the condemnation and full contempt of the media and the American people.  But the minions of the Left have done no more than to make excuses for not going to their aid and cast blame on Stephens and these men for causing their own deaths.

Benghazi attack 9-11-12

Despite the DoD report the next day that told this was an attack by Ansar Al-Sharia, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, Barack Obama did not recognize this as a terrorist attack.  For the next week his U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice went on the news programs and said it was a protest that got out of control.  When challenged in the presidential debates, Obama claimed he did say it was a terrorist attack the next day and the debate moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, backed him up in an ambush on Republican candidate Gov. Romney, a lie she confessed the next day.  Months later the president who ordered rescue forces to stand down called this a “phony scandal.”

The video they blamed was a movie titled, “Innocence of Muslims,” that had almost no hits.  Obama and company said it mocked Mohammad, but all it did was poke fun at U.N. peacekeepers in the Middle East today that stand by as Islamists murder Christians and burn their churches.  Its depiction of Mohammad is taken directly from the Koran and Hadith with no mockery of any kind.  Some at the New York Times and other liberal propagandists have made claims that their statements were true.  But all their assertions fall on their face in the light of the bipartisan report just released by Congress that states the people there knew nothing of the video, and that the attack could have been prevented had security not been removed from the embassy.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Obama had made a deal with the terrorists to allow them to kidnap the ambassador and his staff to force an exchange for the blind sheik in order to appease them for killing bin Laden.  But the actions of Secretary Clinton in removing the embassy’s security and refusing to replace them, combined the president’s refusal to send rescue forces and ignoring their pleas for help, are far more damning.  Had this been a Republican administration to act so cravenly, then the media would have been screaming from the rooftops rather than telling everyone to ignore those “crazies” at FOX.

The America for which Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty sacrificed their lives, the land of the free and home of the brave, only exists in a very few hearts.  Most Americans today want handouts from the government whose oppressive taxation is stealing the wealth out of the American economy to be filtered through their hands before a portion is doled out to their supporters for votes to keep them in power.  Both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are complicit in making Americans poorer than they have been in half a century and defiling the noble service of America’s heroes.

Both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are complicit in making Americans poorer than they have been in half a century and defiling the noble service of America’s heroes.  These new Americans spurn men like Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty as mercenaries and CIA contractors as if that makes them somehow unworthy of the honor due every American who dies defending the lives of other Americans.  The most heart-rending fact to bear is that none of the 32 people whose lives they saved have come forward to tell their story.  They do not honor these true American heroes for whose country they died in vain.


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