Truth, lies, and the State of the Union – Obama shows America his resolve

In his sixth State of the Union address as president, Obama highlighted his achievements in rebuilding the economy, providing healthcare for everyone, funding and researching new sources of green energy to save the planet, increasing wages, and making the world safe from terrorists and the threat of nuclear war.  If you didn’t live in America you would believe the country was doing as well as it was in 2004 when the media when unemployment was 4%, but the deficit was the highest in history to that point at $400 billion because we were fighting two wars.  Meanwhile, the liberal media were reporting that we were in an economic debacle.

Today there are ten million fewer people working, or even looking for work, than had jobs five years ago.  Yet Obama and the media are crowing over the unemployment U3 figure dropping to from 7% down to 6.7% last month because a million people were removed from the job pool and just seventy thousand found jobs.  For the low information voter who only sees the number this is a great achievement.

Today the deficit is over a trillion dollars a year, not because we are funding wars, but because we are funding Democrats.  Obama says he halved the deficit that he blames on Bush, which low information voters believe because he said it and Bush didn’t get on TV to deny it.  One of his expenses is to extend unemployment benefits even further, which went from six months to paying people for four years to not work under his leadership.  Does it register in low information voter brains that if the economy is doing so well then why does unemployment need to be extended more years than it has already been?  It’s time for these freeloaders to take advantage of the Obama economy and get shiny new jobs.

Today Obama announced that Iran has been contained and will not build nuclear weapons.  Last week, Iranian leaders announced victory over the United States and the promise they would join the club of nuclear armed nations very soon.  Low information voters will likely believe Obama right up until Tel Aviv is vaporized in a mushroom cloud.

Here are some highlights from Obama’s SOTU with his very clever mix of truth and deceits, along with the TEA Party response;

 “(America has) the lowest unemployment rate in over five years (at 6.7%).”

If the people who were employed five years ago were still counted, unemployment would be over 12%.

“A rebounding housing market, a manufacturing sector that’s adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s”

Houses have lost so much value that they’re a cheap buy, as are jobs of which so few are being added they do not keep up even with population growth.

“More oil produced at home than we buy from the rest of the world, the first time that’s happened in nearly 20 years.”

Despite Obama’s best efforts in shutting down offshore drilling and attempts to stop fracking, plus blocking the Keystone Pipeline and the thousands of jobs that were lost to all of these.

“Our deficits cut by more than half.”

But erased by new budgets, the first in five years, that increase deficits to over a trillion dollars a year for the next two years with the aid of moderate Republicans.

“For the first time in over a decade business leaders around the world have declared that China is no longer the number one place to invest – America is.”

This is only because Americans, being who they are, will find a way to succeed, not because of, but in spite of government interference.

“…the United States is better positioned for the 21st century than any other nation on Earth.  The question for everyone in this chamber… is whether we are going to help or hinder this progress.  For several years now this town has been consumed by a rancorous argument over the proper size of the federal government.”

And THIS is the absolute truth and key to America’s future.  Will Republicans continue to allow Democrats to ruin the economy by taxing away profits that would help companies grow to give them as subsidies to those failing businesses that support Democrats?  Or will they stop the corruption that is at the heart of Democrat policies?

Obama spoke of American’s belief in working hard to get ahead, something in which he does not believe.  Obama believes you didn’t build that.  He declares that government made your business a success by providing roads and education.

Low-information voters have no concept of how government made that happen because they do not understand taxation.  Which came first, the businessman or the bureaucrat?  It is true that government built roads and schools, but the lie is that they did it so businesses could grow.

If government didn’t take taxes from businesses to build those roads and schools, businesses would do it for themselves.  In truth, that is what businesses did in charging the government they elected to do just that!  The government that serves the nation does it, not the corrupt government it has become that can truthfully claim businesses operate only by their good graces, much like the Mafia allows businesses to operate under their “protection.”

Taxes are what made the Great Depression great by sucking the lifeblood out of the economy.  Taxes today are higher than they have been since before Reagan.  Obama and the Democrats say otherwise, but they do not take ObamaCare taxes into account.

“Today, after four years of economic growth, corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better.  But average wages have barely budged.  Inequality has deepened.  Upward mobility has stalled.  The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by; let alone to get ahead.  And too many still aren’t working at all.”

“But what I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class.  Some require congressional action, and I’m eager to work with all of you.  But America does not stand still, and neither will I.  So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Tonight I ask more of America’s business leaders to follow John’s lead (to raise the minimum wage).  Do what you can to raise your employees’ wages.  It’s good for the economy; it’s good for America.”

“Give America a raise.”

TEA Party response – Were it not for Democrat’s increasing taxes and spending, Americans would get that raise.  Let’s have government stop stealing from successful businesses and giving to failed ones and let the free market decide where the people’s money is spent.  The middle class has lost $4000 a year under this president and his policies that he and the liberal media blame on Republicans.

If ObamaCare is so great then why doesn’t the president institute it fully rather than putting it off for another year?  If Democrat policies are so great, why don’t they take credit for the economy they have built, the unemployment they have brought down, rather than blame Republicans?  If the economy is so good but the fat cats aren’t sharing the wealth, then why doesn’t the president stop pumping $800 billion a year of “quantitative easing” into the Stock Market and let money go back to the people?  The answer is because everything Obama says and does is a fraud.

SOTU full text 

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