Black Santa, gay marriage, and a lawless president

Contrary to the galactic stupidity of Chris Matthews, black Santa is a product of racist blacks like the Black Panthers and NAACP who hate all white people, believing in their bigotry that no white people are good.  They are every bit as hateful as bigoted rednecks who believe no black people are good.  What is truly the most amusing element in this is that both of these groups equally hate the TEA Party and its admirable black members like business genius Herman Cain, honorable warrior Col. Allen West, and brilliant healer Dr. Ben Carson.

Most noteworthy of all is there is no Asian Santa, Hispanic Santa, Indian Santa, Native American Santa, Aboriginal Santa, or even African Santa.  It’s only American blacks whose bigotry is so deep that they will reject a jolly old white man as Santa, though they are perfectly happy with a black president who steals from taxpayers to give them “free stuff.”  Barack Obama’s lawless presidency has been a blight on America doing more destruction to businesses and the economy than the plague.

Tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs and will lose their health insurance as ObamaCare and Democrat policies are put into effect and enforced.  In his attempt to mask the destruction ObamaCare will inflict on America, Obama has been violating the law by imperial edicts rather than by constitutional methods.  This is no surprise from a president who chooses which laws he will and will not enforce.  Only TEA Party Republicans are taking actions to stop his lawlessness, but they are being obstructed by moderates who want to share in the vast wealth being acquired through excessive taxation.

Some Republicans sue Obama’s lawless acts

The corruption of American culture by socialists, atheists, and the anti-Christian factions now extends from the street to the White House.  Christianity is under assault from all corners of America.  When reality TV star Phil Robertson cited from the Bible that those who engage in sexual immorality like homosexuality and adultery would go to Hell, he was castigated by the Left.

This is a result of atheist homosexuals who believe that sexual immorality, sex between consenting adults who enjoy it, is not a sin because no one gets hurt by it.  Sexual immorality, as Robertson said, includes adulterers who are, according to the original and not the revamped definition of adultery, anyone who has sex outside of marriage.  Marriage is a union between a man and woman to start a family, not two people hooking up for extended sex because they love each other.

As an adulterer and a Christian, I know I didn’t become sinless upon accepting Christ as my Savior, I just became forgiven.  There are still plenty of Christians who commit adultery, as well as Christians who are homosexual.  The difference is they don’t exalt their sin as those who are anti-God do.  As 100% of people live in sin and most of it is sexual immorality, everyone needs Christ.

This is why this nation needs the Christ of the Bible and not the oppressed black Jesus of Black Liberation Theology and the Koran that Obama knows.  This is why people must fight to retain Christian traditions in America.  This nation was founded by men who believed in the love of God, salvation in Christ, and the liberty to live under the protection of a mutually selected government, not under the oppression of the minority.

Duck Commander Christianity

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