Liberal Washington economic policy superior to conservative Texas

At the end of 2013, the top performing economies in America are those of conservative states like North Dakota and Texas that rank 2nd and 3rd in economic growth and wealth creation.  However, they lag far behind the greatest wealth engine in America, a region not known for resources, industry, or service.  The richest region in the United States is the District of Columbia whose resources and wealth creation is the money confiscated from the people in taxes.

Washington D.C. began growing in wealth under moderate Republicans borrowing four trillion dollars in eight years to prosecute the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while keeping the economy growing.  But under Democrats the ruling elite will confiscate and squander twelve trillion dollars of our children’s taxes during Obama’s two terms.  Following the ideology of liberal backwards think, Obama believes spending money rather than making money is how economies grow and wealth is made.

Rather than fight against the lawless spending of Obama and the Democrat Senate who have operated without a budget for the last five years, GOP leadership have signed on for the next two years of trillion dollar deficits.  Republicans at war within their own party in a contest between moderates who would continue spending and hope to have their turn to give taxpayer dollars to their own friends as Democrats have, and conservatives who want people to keep their money.  Boehner and McConnell have consistently sabotaged TEA Party conservatives who would stop government tax abuse allowing America to continue to deteriorate under liberal economic policies.

Republican moderates war with conservatives

So long as Washington has access to the wealth generating states like North Dakota and Texas, they can continue to prop up states like Michigan and California where Democrat policies have bankrupted major cities and threaten to bankrupt the states.  But even these bastions of responsible, intelligent conservative values are not unlimited fountains of wealth.  As Margaret Thatcher said,

“Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money”

The tax increases and economic damage being wrought by ObamaCare alone threatens to send America spiraling down into a depression that will make the thirties look like a boom.  So long as the people allow those they elect in Washington to steal away their wealth to give to their friends, America will decline and eventually fall.  This is how internal corruption brings down the greatest of empires.

Socialist policies wrecking American economy

Washington’s economic boom – financed by you!

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