Republicans setting themselves up for another fall 2014

There is no doubt among conservatives that had Republican leadership backed TEA Party candidates in 2010, not only would they have control of the Senate, they would have won the White House in 2012.  Instead, moderates led by Boehner and McConnell torpedoed several conservative Senate candidates to keep their influence to a minimum.  Because these GOP leaders attempted to emasculate conservatives at the GOP Convention in 2012, several million conservatives abstained from voting.  Republican moderates are not overly concerned that it is taking longer, and more damage is being done before they retake control of government, so long as they can be assured that they can continue deficit spending and line their own pockets as Democrats have done the last few years.

Through “quantitative easing,” Obama and the Democrats have been printing trillions of dollars with which they “boost the economy” by siphoning our children’s tax dollars to their friends on Wall Street.  While stout-hearted, steadfast conservatives like Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are combatting the liberal spending that is going to bankrupt America, moderates are allowing Democrats to “redistribute” this money so that they, too, can get a piece of the tax pie.  Liberal media that carry the water of Democrat’s propaganda condemn these stalwarts for not submitting to their condemnation.  They are affronted that Cruz will not accept being the scapegoat of the faux government shutdown as Boehner has, much to the ire of conservatives who know better.  This willingness by moderates to be the losers has been the greatest asset in forwarding the liberal agenda.

Boehner and McConnell have announced that they will continue to bring about their own defeat saying they would rather have Democrats win than support any TEA Party conservatives who demand government stop stealing from the people.  That they blame conservatives for their defeats is as pathological as Obama blaming Republicans for all the damage his liberal socialist policies are doing to the economy.  What makes it worse is that most people do not pay attention to what those in government are doing, believing the blamers and condemning their scapegoats.

TEA Party a “cult” that wants to cut spending

America is in a sad place where the cattle are voting for their own destruction while their leaders choose themselves over the nation.  Taxpayers need more than a party faction that will reduce their tax burden.  They deserve a faction that will recover the trillions of dollars sucked out of the pockets of their children by the thieves in Washington.

Help wanted: Principled conservative leaders

Cruz stands against ObamaCare and liberal/moderate narrative to scapegoat conservatives

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