Veterans shafted by Obama, Democrats, and RINOs

Obama and the Democrats, with the help of moderate Republicans led by John Boehner (R-Ohio), cut a new budget deal giving America’s heroes the shaft.  Increasing deficit spending by $350 billion, they give more aid to freeloaders, illegals, and crony subsidies, while our first line citizens have their compensation slashed.  For the next two years the Obama government will add over $1 trillion dollars a year to the national debt to make his deadbeat voters fatter while punishing those who sacrificed the most for this country.

In this deal, sequester cuts that Democrats wanted removed are rolled back, while military cuts Republicans agreed to remain.  But most damning of all are cuts made to military pensions, including disability pensions of soldiers maimed and crippled in combat.  Those who sacrificed, bled, and died for America are being treated by the liberal Democrats as the dregs of society whose benefits are cut first rather than last.

Sen. Jeff Sessions(R-Ala.), a TEA Party conservative, said that the government should be cutting benefits to illegal aliens and other pork spending to make up the $6 billion being cut from veterans.  With Obama spending $350 billion more than last year, conservatives, TEA Party, and military members are incensed that they are being targeted for cuts first.  None of the leaders in government, neither Democrat nor Republican, are giving any credence to the TEA Party who say that pork projects, freeloader benefits, and all the members of government in Washington should be taking these cuts.  Obama’s pension, along with all members of his administration and Congress keep their extravagant pensions while they sh*t on the military.

TEA Party says cut illegal’s benefits first, military last

This is why you should never vote Democrat.  This is why you should be supporting the TEA Party.  This is why you can’t trust liberals and moderates in Washington who want to spend your money on their own desires.

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