The magic of immigration reform and ObamaCare


What do Democrats offer America in making twelve million illegal aliens legal?  They do not enforce the illegal immigration laws as they stand, give illegal aliens benefits meant for retired seniors who have paid in to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, have reneged on every deal made with Republicans, and actually threaten anyone who stands in the way of their allowing foreigners into American and giving them the right to vote in American elections.

The assertion by Democrats that making twelve million illegal immigrants legal will benefit the U.S.A. both culturally and financially is as bogus as saying ObamaCare will save money.  Obama’s fraudulent healthcare system was propagandized that it would lower medical costs and not be a burden on taxpayers.  Instead, the money being borrowed to fight the wars with Islamists in Iraq and Afghanistan has been diverted to ObamaCare along with more borrowing and tax increases to boot.  What was supposedly “revenue neutral” is a revenue nightmare.

Now Democrats want Republicans to prove they are good people by making twelve million illegal immigrants legal.  After doing so, then they will argue to give twelve million legalized foreigners the vote, 80% of which will go to Democrats thereby nullifying the votes of American citizens.  They claim that making them legal will bring in more revenue to the government to pay for their naturalization.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Legalizing illegal immigrants another financial disaster like ObamaCare

Leftists believe that all American citizens started out as illegal aliens.  They say that people are not illegal and we should criminalize them for wanting jobs in America.  But this is not the old world where people could migrate and take land wherever they will.  Since its establishment, like all nations, America requires anyone entering the country to register with the government.  Not doing so is a violation of American law.

Illegal immigrants do not come to the U.S. just for jobs.  They come here for government handouts.  They do not do jobs other Americans wouldn’t do, they do jobs where they get paid under the table so both they and the employer can avoid high American taxes.  American companies do not hire illegals or move overseas just because labor is cheaper.  They do so because taxes are less, so much less that they can afford to pay for shipping from foreign countries back to America.

Democrats have spent the last 100 years making America a hostile environment to businesses.  They convince their supporters that Republicans are greedy and urge them to punish anyone who makes a profit running a business to support them in stealing from those people.  While Democrats lounge in Washington legislating for themselves platinum pensions and Cadillac healthcare, they benefit their constituents doling out scraps to them.  According to the words of Congressman Col. Allen West, Obama is serving a sh*t sandwich with a smile and calling it the new steak.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Elbert Guillory left the Democrat plantation

Democrats tell their supporters that Republicans want to make slaves of them.  However, it is Republicans who have always fought for liberty, including freeing the slaves, and Democrats who have always been against them.  Yet 90% of blacks shuffle happily into the stockades of unemployment and welfare on the promises that Obama will take from the white man and give to the brothers.  Illegal immigrants hope for more of the same and their entering the voter rolls would be the death of the Republican Party and American liberty.

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