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Democrat’s self-righteous hypocrisy and love of Hitler’s rule exposed again

Edward Snowden’s revealing that Obama and his ilk are spying, not on foreign terrorists, but on Americans, is being charged with treason by Democrats.  Why?  Snowden did not betray the country.  He did not divulge any national secrets to our … Continue reading

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Social media intruding on everyone’s privacy as Obama hunts conservatives

Has anyone been noticing that when you try to comment on a news article or post a comment that now private domains are asking to link into your personal information?  When attempting to post a comment on Media-ite regarding an … Continue reading

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Whistle-blower Snowden, betraying America or betraying Obama

Edward Snowden is the man who came forward to admit he exposed the NSA’s illegal wiretapping of American’s phone records.  He has since fled to Hong Kong and the Obama Administration is saying he is a spy for the Chinese.  … Continue reading

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Obama’s Jihad against the Christian God in the military

As Commander-in-Chief, President Obama makes military policy.  Over the last few years chaplains have been forbidden from speaking about Christ and God, soldiers have been forbidden from saying Jesus Christ at funerals, and now even videos that mention God are … Continue reading

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The Left’s religion of climate change

One of the fundamental beliefs of liberal ideology is carbon emissions from mankind’s industries and transportation utilizing coal and oil are polluting the atmosphere and causing global warming.  The fact that the Earth has been cooling the past fifteen years … Continue reading

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Obama ends war on Moslem terrorists and prosecutes war on Republicans

True to his Islamic heritage, President Obama has declared that he is ending the War on Terror against Moslem Jihadis.  Instead of gearing down surveillance in the United States to find Moslems before they wage their Holy War against American … Continue reading

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Faith in God kills!

Christian Perspectives, Exposing the Myth: “More people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason.” This myth is false.  In the last century, more people in the history of the world were killed, maimed, murdered, and enslaved … Continue reading

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Obama as Caesar: A history lesson in the culture of greed

The difference between modern American conservatives, moderates, and liberals is a matter of greed and how they handle money.  That difference lies in the definitions of their beliefs.  A conservative spends conservatively and saves money.  A moderate spends moderately using … Continue reading

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The changing definitions of liberalism

One of the primary weapons of evil is deception.  Deception itself is not evil.  It is, as all things, how and against whom it is used.  Like strength, intelligence, speed, and stamina, deception is a primary element in warfare or … Continue reading

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Homegrown terrorism – Obama’s IRS & DoJ

What do you call it when a government uses the threat of force to intimidate the people and steals from them? In 1920 we called them Socialists. In 1936 we called them Nazis. In 1946 we called them Soviets. In … Continue reading

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