President Obama speaks at the Brandenburg Gate

When JFK stood before the Brandenburg Gate in 1963, he spoke to Berliners to express his unity with them after the Soviet Union built the Berlin Wall to stop people from escaping their control in Eastern Europe.  Since World War Two, the Soviet Union had invaded and subjugated the states of Eastern Europe and held them under their boot.  Although Kennedy’s words, “Icht bin ein Berliner” were mistaken spoken (translated, a Berliner in German is a jelly donut) the spirit of his speech was a cry for freedom.

When Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate in 1987, he spoke to Soviet Premier Gorbachev to bring down the Iron Curtain that had separated the Soviet bloc and Eastern Europe from the free world.  Reagan spent his presidency speaking of communist dominated Russia as the “Evil Empire” and strove to break the back of the Soviet Union that had warred with the U.S. by proxy through developing nations.  His words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” resonated throughout the world.  Two years later, the Soviet bloc collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down.

When Barack Obama stood before the Brandenburg Gate in 2013, he spoke not of the defeat of socialism and the freeing of Eastern Europe from Soviet domination.  He spoke not of militant Islamists threatening the peace and prosperity of every nation in the world just as 20th century socialists did.  He spoke of the threat to the world by man-made global warming and the need to eradicate fossil fuels.

Obama did not emphasize the greatest threat to freedom in the 21st century by the oppression of the likes of the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood.  He declared that mankind is responsible for global warming through the use of coal and oil and that mankind has the power to control the climate of the planet, and that governments need more money to “save the planet,” all of which is a proven fraud (with the exception that government wants more money).  Needless to say, President Obama fell flat on his face.

Obama at the Brandenburg Gate warning of man-made global warming

He also said he wants to reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal, the exact opposite approach of Ronald Reagan who preached peace through strength, Obama’s approach is peace through disarmament.  While Islamists in Iran and socialists in North Korea are striving to build nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that will carry them to the rest of the world, Obama believes that removing America’s nuclear deterrent and dismantling America’s ballistic missile defenses is the way to lead the world to peace.  He believes that America without nuclear weapons will bring about peace, by leaving the socialist regimes of Russia and China as the largest nuclear powers, and allowing Islam to build their own nuclear arsenal.

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