Truth in politics and in life

There are people who do not believe Obama is guilty of using government resources, namely the IRS and NSA, against his political opponents the same way Hitler used the Brown Shirts and Gestapo against his political opponents.  “Where’s the proof,” they naively or deceptively ask?  The truth is there in the light for all to see who choose to see it.

Do people expect that life is like television where the murderer is always caught and confesses to the crime?  Newsflash!  Ninety percent of murders go unpunished!  Half the time they don’t know who did it, half the rest they don’t have enough evidence to prosecute, and half the time they prosecute they lose for one reason or another.

Politics is no different.  Half the people in politics deliberately deceive the other half.  Democrats say Republicans lie, but on examination of the facts the opposite is found to be true.  Trouble is, 90% of people are too busy trying to live their lives to be bothered with the details.

Democrats and Republicans are made up of three distinct groups; liberal, moderates, and conservatives.  Each is distinguished by their financial characteristics.  Liberals spend liberally by borrowing and wasting money like it’s free.  Moderates spend moderately by borrowing, and conservatives spend conservatively to save money.

The same is true of how they relate the truth.  Liberals lie liberally if they believe it will further their agenda to deceive.  Moderates lie moderately if it will benefit them, and conservatives lie conservatively to spare people the pain of the truth.  It isn’t wrong to tell white lies, but it doesn’t help when those who deceive will call all of lies black.

The plain and simple truth is, liberals cannot be trusted because they have no moral compass.  They believe the world of morality is not black and white, but gray.  They believe any lie is deception to harm others, any killing is murder, even in self-defense, and any force used to prevent anyone from doing anything they want is oppression.  (So, in their eyes, if a woman kills a man that is attempting to rape and murder her, she is a murderer.)  What can you expect from a group that holds candlelight vigils to set murderers free and demands the law give them the freedom to kill babies in the womb?

When it comes to politics and what people say, you can count on liberals lying 90% of the time, moderates lying half the time, and conservatives lying 10% of the time.  The most unfortunate fact about liberals is that most believe their own lies.  Life isn’t easy as people struggle to survive, but it is made ten times harder because good-hearted people naively believe that others are honest and do not recognize what a large percentage of people are dysfunctional, pathological liars.

The naiveté of those people is not a blessing, it is not a positive character trait, and it is certainly not to their benefit.  Jesus never said to let evil people do what they want, He merely said, do not judge others.  It is not wrong to convict a murderer to death or to free someone who killed in self-defense.  It is only wrong if you think you can judge which one is going to Hell.

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Liberals try to use the straw man argument to justify their lies by saying everyone does it. That’s no different than saying everyone is a sinner. But not everyone is a murderer.

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