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Trump P*sses on the Democrat’s Parade

The story was already written before Trump went to Helsinki.  Rosenstein’s indictments of Russians as having hacked the election came out the day before he left.  Warnings by Democrats that Trump couldn’t survive meeting with Putin were spread all over … Continue reading

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Trump destroys the world – again – for the umpteenth time!

Democrats are not only calling Trump a traitor to America and an imbecile, but they are describing his meeting with Putin as worse than 9-11 and Pearl Harbor combined.  One has to wonder if Democrats are capable of a sane … Continue reading

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Democrats say Trump betrayed intel community; GFY!

Seriously?  You who say American intelligence agencies declared Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election and you want Republicans to condemn him for meeting with Putin and condemning that fraud?  Seriously!  G – F – Y!  Signed, Republican Patriots. … Continue reading

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ObamaCare freak out and putting the Russian fairy tale to bed

Conservatives are up in arms over the ObamaCare repeal and Democrats are egging them on as their great Russian fairy tale that Putin helped Trump steal the election falls apart and dies with a whimper. The (un)Affordable Care Act is … Continue reading

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Democrats are leading America to war with Russia

Obama and Hillary are leading us to war with Russian through Obama’s alliance with the Islamo-Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Christians may be perturbed to discover that the rapture lifting us into the clouds is on a ball of nuclear … Continue reading

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