ObamaCare freak out and putting the Russian fairy tale to bed

Conservatives are up in arms over the ObamaCare repeal and Democrats are egging them on as their great Russian fairy tale that Putin helped Trump steal the election falls apart and dies with a whimper.

The (un)Affordable Care Act is collapsing as designed and conservatives want to save Americans from the cost, but at what cost?  ObamaCare is deeply embedded into America’s economy having eight years to grow and branch out taking in many people who wanted no part of it.  Ripping it out by the roots would be satisfying, but could also be costly to the people who were forced to live in it.  Tens of millions were forced out of their insurance programs into ObamaCare.  With the unexpected victory of Trump to repeal and repair the healthcare system Democrats tried to destroy there is a great deal of work to do from scratch.  Republicans would have been happy to have Democrats own the crash of the diseased ObamaCare tree, but don’t want to take that blame on themselves.  Hence their desire to phase it out rather than rip it out.

Conservative Objections to Ryan Healthcare Bill

Meanwhile, a few leftists remain who are determined to go down with the ship of their Russian fairy tale that Putin assisted Trump in altering the outcome of the election to get Trump into the presidency.  Everyone knows it has been the Democrats who work closely with Russia from Ted Kennedy assisting them against Reagan to Obama promising to be more flexible for Vladimir after his re-election.  Democrats are trying to make it a crime for Republicans to speak with Russians forgetting that they are in bed with them.

Like Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down, Democrats want to keep punching the Trump-Putin connection that doesn’t exist so they can beat on it forever.

Putin Spx says Russian Ambassador met with the Clinton campaign team Too!

Leftists contribute nothing to the discourse or helping to make America great again, but only seek to distract Americans from what President Trump is achieving at a breakneck pace!  Liberals are easily misled, while conservatives pay attention to what their government is actually doing rather than having the LDMSM (Lying Democrat Mainstream Media) pull them around by the nose.  Democrats would keep any and all of their false accusations against Trump & Co. eternally active with claims they are “investigating” because they haven’t yet found the proof that “they know is there.”  They say “the seriousness of the charge” is what is important, not their lack of any evidence whatsoever.  It’s no different than their claims that mankind’s CO2 pollution is going to cause the planet to burn up and that mankind is in control of climate change.  Even Chicken Little was eventually able to understand that the sky was not falling.  These liberals are the kind of people who believe the Moon is made of cheese and refuse to be convinced until we send enough missions to take it completely apart.  As Lincoln said,

“You can fool some of the people all of the time.”

You would be wise not to be those ‘some of the people.’

The Never Ending Story of Washington Lies: Trump, Russia, Obama, Wiretapping

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1 Response to ObamaCare freak out and putting the Russian fairy tale to bed

  1. EIleen says:

    We the people have to vote out all the insider traders from Congress! From both parties! Until we do that, Republicans will just be posturing about repealing Obamacare. Many of them have bulging brokerage accounts from pharmaceutical and insurance stock portfolios. Do you think after this they would willingly repeal Obamacare? Hell no; moreover the slobs from the uniparty never met a tax they didn’t like!

    Until we do that, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!


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