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The more I hear the more I’m convinced Capitol events are an Antifa/BLM false flag

All were there for the president who gave a rousing speech and detailed much of Democrat’s election rigging. At no time did anyone hear anything remotely like a call to violent action. That the leftwing media is screaming this is what happened is just reminiscent of how they screamed after Charlottesville that Trump called white supremacists “fine people.” How easy to insert a couple of hundred Antifa/BLM thugs into a crowd of a million Trump supporters with the sole intent of inciting violence with which to blame President Trump and his people? Continue reading

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Charlottesville neo-Nazis Organized by Obamaites

The carnage in Charlottesville last week was an event organized wholly and completely by Barack Hussein Obama’s Army.  Whenever you dig down you always find that the Left is operating from the sewer. The leader of the neo-Nazi/KKK protest march … Continue reading

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