What will happen with Democrat voter fraud?

Democrats will declare victory saying Biden is the next president. They are acting without fear of consequences in kicking Republican observers out of ballot counting stations while they add bogus Democrat ballots and trash legitimate Republican ballots. Why should they worry about cheating when no federal agents are arresting them, charging them, and convicting them of voter fraud? They expect people to swallow that all ballots received after Election Day were only for Biden. Liberals happily live in denial that any cheating is happening by their beloved leftwingers declaring that it’s not possible to cheat in the election. This is their two-faced lie after spending the last four years screaming that the Russians stole the election for Trump. Their psychotic rants are made even more delusional when they deny they’ve been screaming and rampaging through the streets cheering on BLM/Antifa rioting murderers. This is why President Trump must fight this 2nd Civil War to its final conclusion. America will rise or fall this year. This election can only be lost to Democrat hate as they certainly have no love for Trump or America.

How does it happen that the man and party Democrats called “racist” just won the most minority votes of any Republicans in fifty years? It doesn’t matter that some of the states that Democrats are using to steal the election have Republican governors. They have Democrat controlled cities. Those are the places where Republican observers are being kicked out of ballot counting houses. Why they don’t use force to get back in makes us all wonder. In any case, Democrats lying about this process being legitimate flies in the face of their duplicity. If they were legitimately counting all these ballots for Biden then they would invite Republicans to witness the humiliating defeat of Trump, not excluding them from witnessing history. What they are not witnessing is the theft of an election by socialist criminals cheating the American people for their own benefit. Democrats knew they could use this mail-in scam to stuff the ballot boxes with millions of bogus votes. That’s why they want to keep on counting and flip as many elections as possible.

Socialism never lifts up the poor as these charlatans claim. It always drags down the successful as the rulers steal the people’s prosperity. Leftist ideology teaches people to be lazy, ignorant sheep who bleat to get their egos stroked, blame others for the problems they create for themselves, and to tear down those who rise above them. It is the ideology of greed and envy, sloth and anger, fear and hate, that teaches people to steal from others rather than work with others. Socialism is the mother of the sub-ideologies of communism, fascism, national socialism, feudalism, imperialism, tribalism, multiculturalism, and Islamism. Socialism is the opposite of Christian capitalism that built the American Dream, the world’s first middle class, and launched the great prosperity of the freest, fairest nation in history. Democrats are going to institute it to build their corrupt socialist nightmare.

[Author’s Note: So long as Donald Trump breathes and occupies the White House, don’t give up hope. Biden and Pelosi are dreaming if they think he will quietly surrender and submit to this grand theft of America. Democrats are deluding themselves if they believe patriots will lay down like Republican politicians do and roll over to be ground under their iron boot. If the GOP doesn’t stand with Trump, then Democrats will make voting futile to phase them out. They won’t have the support of patriots if they let Trump crash and burn. Democrats are incensed that Americans rejected them, and the Russian collusion fraud was only because they believe that their cheating could only be overcome by greater cheating. This will not be the end of the 2nd Civil War. Democrats waited for over one hundred and fifty years to get their revenge if this is the end of the republic. We will be fighting them for the next one hundred and fifty years to restore liberty. But this current battle is far from over. Just because Democrats declare victory doesn’t make them winners. This battle has yet to be fought to a conclusion, and you can bet that if Trump triumphs that they will be rampaging for the next four years. That’s why we need Trump to win and crush their Marxist revolution and any hopes of their continuing their attempted coup.]

The truth is that Democrats are stealing Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada by stuffing the boxes with bogus mail-in votes they manufactured. This is the margin of Trump’s victory that the swamp rats are allowing Democrats to cheat him of so they can get back to their business of being corrupt politicians stealing America’s wealth. Next time they’ll just steal Texas. What a sad day it will be when the lemmings discover how they’ve been duped, and I will not have one iota of sympathy for those fools who will be parted from their money.

Letter to Rush Limbaugh:

Rush, what makes you think America can recover if Trump is trashed? Democrats will do the same with voting for congressional seats in the future and phase out Republicans. All they have to do is continue adding ballots after Election Day. The precedent will have been set.

U.S. Supreme Court Grants Pennsylvania GOP Request to Enforce Segregation of Late Ballots (This must be done in all states)

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Trump will not surrender to Democrat cheating

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1 Response to What will happen with Democrat voter fraud?

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    As I said unless the Trump administration and the members of the GOP remove the mittens and put on the brass knuckles the true patriots of this nation are doomed, where is the DOJ/FBI in regards to all this electoral corruption on the part of the crazy election ballot counters?, seems they are blatantly failing in regards to doing their job.


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