Trump vs. the Swamp, Round 1

If you thought Donald Trump could bend Washington to his will in his first hundred days, or even his first two years, you just got your answer.

Why did the Republicans who hold the House, the Senate, and the Presidency just give Democrats everything they wanted in the budget like funding for Planned Parenthood abortions, ObamaCare, the EPA, and Sanctuary cities, but nothing for the Wall, tax cuts, reducing the deficit, or infrastructure?  Did Democrats win anything in November?  Did the people ask for any Democrat policies to be continued?  Republicans are operating as if they are afraid of Democrats.  And why would the president agree to everything that he campaigned against?  Is someone holding a gun to his head?  Is there a shadow government threatening his children?  There very well could be.  Now, will he sign the deal Republicans made that goes against everything on which he campaigned?  Will he kick the can down the road?  This is what happens when you make a deal with the Democrats.

Paul Ryan and GOP Just Stabbed Trump In The Back

If the Budget Deal Is a Great GOP Victory, Why Are the Democrats Celebrating?

Are the Republicans not concerned that voters will turn on them in the next election?  The Democrats would be thrilled if people turned to them and once again jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.  The reason for this debacle is that there are still many bad eggs in the Republican basket.  Better to break a few eggs than cook with bad ones.  If you don’t like your Republicans then for God’s sake don’t vote for Democrats!  Get involved in the primaries.  Learn who your representatives are.  Learn what candidates stand for and elect better Republicans!

Democrats did not stop Republicans.  Democrats have no power and they certainly couldn’t shut down the government.  Why should Republicans be afraid of that even if they could?  It would be beneficial to the people to see the Democrats obstructing everything that can be done to make America great by demanding money be stolen from citizens to give to illegals.  Democrats are fond of saying, “No human being is illegal,” but human beings commit illegal acts called crimes!  Stealing from the taxpayer is Democrat’s modus operandi to give to their cronies, their donors, and their welfare voter slaves.  There is nothing Democrats offer that any straight thinking Republican wants.

Republicans working with Democrats is something no conservative wants to see.  What Democrats want is detrimental to this nation and to liberty.  Don’t ever try to say that Democrats are the more reasonable and compassionate of the two.  They don’t even want to hear the Right speak!  Fascist totalitarianism is the foundation of leftist ideology.  Modern fascism relies on the liberalism that is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Useful idiots are mis-educated, indoctrinated, and duped into believing fascism is not fascism but righteousness.  Right and Left is often confused in history.  A simple test is all that is required to discern which is right and which is wrong.  The one that calls for violence to silence the other is the wicked.  Righteousness relies on truth being revealed, while wickedness relies on the truth being suppressed.  Welfare, debt, and importing cheap illegal labor is making slaves of every American – especially the taxpayer!

Seeing Republicans stab Trump in the back by cutting a deal that makes Democrats happy and spits on Trump supporters is just a reminder that this nation is in deep sh*t and it will take more than a few rallies and speeches to repair the damage.  Washington’s corruption runs deep.  This experience is proving that Donald Trump really is America’s last best hope to restore her to greatness.

American Fascists – The Liberal Progressive Democrat Socialist Movement

And when Hillary Clinton came out of hiding to say she is taking responsibility for losing the campaign, Kellyanne Conway roasted her for speaking out of both sides of her mouth by then blaming FBI Director Comey and “Russian WikiLeaks.”

Kellyanne roasts Hillary from Woman in the White House

Democrats have no candidate and no policy to offer the American people that will benefit the little guy.  They have abandoned the people in favor of their ultra-rich donor lobbyists and foreign invaders taking America jobs to work on the cheap.  If voter fraud can be crushed then Democrats will have no one supporting them except die hard fools.  Then all America needs is better Republicans.

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