Backwards Liberals Think – Fighting Fascism

Is the Trump “evolving” or “flipping,” or is it the media flopping?  The media is smearing the Trump administration in any way they can.  Leftwing fascists attack peaceful Trump supporters whom they call fascists when they fight back in self-defense.  The media portray all things righteous as evil and all things evil as righteous.

Media pundits are trying to turn Trump administration officials against each other by publishing stories that they are fighting amongst themselves.  They are trying to portray Strategic Advisor Steve Bannon as a Hitlerian right-winger and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, as young, wise, liberal leftists combatting his evil.  They would be horrified to learn that their disagreements are over how to go about achieving the same goal, not disagreeing on the goal.  The Left has been trying to take down Bannon like they did Flynn from the start.  They always go after the targets they perceive as either the most vulnerable or the most dangerous to them.  Story after story is being published about how the Trump administration is in chaos with loads of infighting.  They never published any such stories about all the backstabbing going on in the Obama regime.  Their purpose is solely to sow discord among the Trump team.  As Rush Limbaugh says,

“The Left tells us who they fear by who they try to destroy.”

Palace Intrigue at the White House

Leftist fascism warping the truth

Trumpism versus Obamaism: In the leftist universe Trump can do no right and Obama can do no wrong.  What each side sees as the ideology of their guy is opposite to how the other side sees him.  The Left sees Trump as a dictator and sees Obama as a liberator.  The Right sees Trump as an American who wants to restore the American Dream, and sees Obama as a Moslem Trojan Horse globalist totalitarian who strove to bring down America and her influence in the world.  The evidence only supports one side as being right and the other as being deluded, but liberals will not see the truth.  The left-wing media blindly portrays all things Trump does as bad and all things Obama did as good, and they do this by flooding the zone, which is why so much of the population is misguided.  When Trump said Obama spied on his campaign and provided proof the Democrat media said, it’s not about the fact that Trump is being spied on, but that Obama had a reason to spy on Trump.  This is how leftists justify their crimes.

Indoctrination: How the ignorant are being overwhelmed with propaganda

There are fascists on college campuses rioting to silence to free speech.  When you wear a mask and use violence to silence your opposition, you are the fascist.  A conservative wants people to hear you talk.  Conservatives want people to hear you say Democratic socialism is beneficial and explain how your fascist terrorism is righteous.  The Right wants people to see you in fights attacking peaceful Trump supporters to expose you as the fascists you are.  Leftists can come up with any reason to justify their actions and this is why only those with a moral compass can tell the difference between murder and killing in self-defense.  Leftists will commit murder and claim self-defense, but no righteous person would accept their twisted reasoning.  These fascists believe if they attack they are righteous in defending themselves against what they call “hate speech,” which is nothing other than speaking the truth.  But if we fight back then they say we are fascists for defending ourselves.  They are the opposite of the Right that fights for liberty because the Left is dedicated to totalitarian slavery.  Their belief that they can justify evil is how backwards liberals think.

Berkeley cops sit back as Trump supporters attacked by fascist rioters

More backwards liberal think

Rep. Mullin (R-CA) exhibited pure liberal logic when he claimed that taxpayers don’t pay his salary.  This guy should have been a Democrat, but got on the Republican ticket because he saw that as his way into government to become a RINO.  He thinks because he pays more taxes from his business than he makes in Congress that he is paying his own salary, not taxpayers.  This is how leftists infiltrate the party of the Right.

Leftists continue to demand Trump release his taxes so they can cherry pick it to produce smears.  Did any of them demand Obama release his school records?  Will any of these Hollywood elites release their taxes so we can see where their vast wealth goes?  These fools need to shut up and get a life.  That 90% of the media and entertainment supports Democrats is not because Democrats help the poor.  If they wanted to help the poor they could divide up their multi-million dollar salaries among the film crews who only earn five figures.  They do it because they know they can dupe fools into believing them.  Most people are simple-minded and do not pay attention to what is happening in their own government except what they hear in headlines.  This ignorance of the average America is what led to the election of an America hating racist Moslem to be leader of the free world, and why the world is now going up in flames as he has led America to go down the drain.

Democrat’s 2018 campaign shaping up as more of the same

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2 Responses to Backwards Liberals Think – Fighting Fascism

  1. johchi7 says:

    It seems that at least other people have been reading what I’ve been commenting about for many months and seeing the connection.

    Here’s one of mine from a day ago…

    I’m going to repeat this until people start paying attention. Everything the Liberal Progressive Democratic Socialist are doing has mirrored the Fascist Movement of the 20th century. The Brown Shirts of Germany, the Black Shirts of Italy and the Red Shirts of Russia Fascism gangs of thugs that terrorized the population to submit to the Fascist Movement. They silenced the People that had any opposition thoughts against them with brutality to even killing them. We have these groups of people that don’t even know they are doing exactly what they say they are against.

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  2. EIleen says:

    Well, loyal Trump supporters need to call out conservative media like Breitbart and Infowars, as they, too, have been engaged in a smear campaign either against Bannon or Kushner. That being said, Kushner has some vulnerabilities when it comes to the Chinese. Chinese private lenders have financed his Manhattan properties which have lost billions. That could make him subject to blackmail. So, IMO, he needs to resign. However, I refuse to read media, MSM or otherwise who peddle this Bannon vs Kushner nonsense. Every successful CEO always pits people against eachother so they can get the BEST ideas. Sometimes, the Democrat way of doing things really is better and if Kusher or Ivanka can articulate that better than Bannon can, then the President owes it to the American people to take the Democratic approach rather than the free market (Bannon) approach. May not happen that often; however, infrequent does not mean ‘never’.


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