Sharia Jihad – Holy War against the World


Obama says, “Terrorists are not Islamic.”  If jihadis are not Moslems then why did he have the Navy give Osama bin Laden Islamic funeral rites?

Those Americans who believe 9-11 was perpetrated by the Bush government and Jews are the same people that elected a Moslem president who was raised in a foreign country to cut America down in size.  People like Rosie O’Donnell thinks a missile hit the Pentagon and explosives were set in the Towers to bring them down.  But she believes Obama is not a Moslem and is American at heart and that importing Moslems will make America better and safer.  This is the kind of hate and stupidity that Democrats have for this country and their party is being more and more composed of criminals and foreigners.  Obama and Hillary promote opening America’s borders, which is no different than having a member of your family remove your front door and invite anyone who wants into your home.  They say terrorism is not part of Islam, yet the Koran teaches exactly what the Islamic State practices.  If it were not Islamic, then why is it global?

Islamic Sharia Law

Islamic State invoked Koran calling for the blood of infidel youths in parks

Moslem converting to Christianity targeted for death as apostate

Honor killing your sister

Jihad around the world

France: More Moslems arrested for Notre Dame jihadi bomb plot

Italy: expels Moslem cleric promoting Sharia

Denmark: leader says right wing anti-Islamic speech is racist hate speech

Germany: security guards posted at pools to stop Moslems raping women

Belgium: son of Imam planning chainsaw jihadi attack

England: Two Moslems arrested for jihadi massacre plot

Kosovo: Moslems set fire to cathedral

Yemen: Moslems rob Christian church

Indonesia: Moslems attack Christians at church for priest reading Bible

Australia: Moslem stabs man walking his dog

Jihad in America

NY/NJ bombings

Far left loon says don’t say “terror” because it offends Moslems

Black Lives Matter jihadi kills five Dallas police

California governor promotes felons and illegals voting along with Sharia Law

Kentucky: Moslem woman arrested for advocating terror attacks

California: leftist professor rips down 9-11 memorial posters

Then there’s Obama empowering the Jihad forcing allies to bow

Obama celebrates Moslem holiday

Obama gives Iran another $33B

Hollande does not oppose Islam in France

U.K. police may allow burka uniform

Moslem refugees vacation in war torn homeland

Fighting the Jihad

Robert Spencer on CBN about global threat of Islam

Robert Spencer explains Islamic Jihad and dhimmitude

America is at war with the most nefarious, devious, and destructive ideology the world has ever known, and we are losing.  Leftists promote Islam because it stands as the polar opposite to Christianity that they despise.  Like the Communists and Nazis allying at the beginning of WWII, the atheists and Islamists allying now at the beginning of WWIII will eventually be at each other’s throats.  But Christians are going to be caught between a rock and a hard place if they don’t stand up and stop Democrats from opening their homes to those who want to kill them.

Jihad Watch – your best source for the truth about Islam

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