Liberal denial, conservative principles, and political suicide

Hillary's a criminal

Hillary is as much a criminal as Obama and those they urge riot in our streets.

As the Democrat media has now engaged completely in snarling at Trump like a pack of rabid dogs, while padding about after Hillary like a gaggle of puppies, the stories being thrown about in the media are turning the stomachs of the American people.  As Hillary and Obama encourage blacks to riot in Milwaukee, under cover of this distraction Obama takes action to free more terrorists from Gitmo and write an executive order to remove “under God” from the American government.  At the same time that Donald Trump is saying we must stop Moslems from immigrating into America who promote Sharia and want to overthrow our laws, Hillary is declaring that we must import more Sharia Moslems and use more of our tax dollars to support them.

Obama orders “under God” removed from all government property

‘Practicing Muslims are above the law of the land’

Republicans who continue to deny Trump and work toward his ouster are doing no service to their country.  Trump has better backing and bigger gonads than any Republican to run for president since Reagan.  Rather than trying to overturn his campaign, conservatives should be rallying behind him and be willing to assist him in carrying out the conservative agenda that he is promoting.  Instead of treating Trump like he’s the one who is Democrat-lite, conservatives should be helping him along and bringing out his conservatism.  Those who believe in working for a living and prospering from their own labor rather than having government steal it and give it to their enemies all have the same heart.

What liberals call wise and patriotic, and what they call corruption, betrayal, and tyrannical are prime examples of liberals backwards think.  Does Obama’s convincing 65 million Americans to vote for him make him a genius?  Or does it merely make him the King of Fools?  Does refusing to vote for Trump make conservatives principled?  Or does it make them dupes for Hillary?  Americans have a strange concept how to make the nation better when their only choice is to continue to give power to Democrats allowing them to steal America’s wealth and give it to her enemies or to stop them.

In an act of insane stupidity, CNN’s Sally Kohn defends the rights of Moslems that to practice Sharia in America against Trump’s declaration to stop it.  This is the law that would have her stoned to death for being a lesbian.  Conservative Christians say, “I disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”  Liberal atheists say, “I disagree with your law, but I will die for your right to promote it if it will destroy Christians.”

CNN Sally Kohn defends Sharia against Trump

Donald Trump represents America’s and conservatives’ last best hope to stop this tsunami of liberalism that is destroying this country.  Trump’s speeches on the economy, illegal immigration, foreign policy, and crime in America are all that any conservative could ask for from a Commander-in-Chief.  Nothing in Trump’s character or his past indicates he would be anything like Obama or Hillary.  What it does indicate is that he will not let liberal saboteurs stand in his way of repairing this nation from the damage they have done.

Trump ‘We must take on the ideology of radical Islam’

While Trump laid out sound economic plans and stands on a platform to stop illegal immigration, push back the Sharians, and stomp out the crime that is running rampant across the country, Hillary stands for the exact opposite.  Clinton says she wants to increase government spending, raise taxes, give amnesty and benefits to illegals, import more Moslems, and stomp down police as racists.  The right choice between these two could not be more clear.  Just as America experienced “its first ‘black’ president” under Bill Clinton, it has experienced “its first ‘woman’ president” under Barack Obama.  Having experienced what it is to elect a truly incompetent, anti-American, anti-Christian racist black man as president, there is certainly no need to repeat the experience with a woman of the character of Hillary Clinton.

Trump vs. Hillary economy

Hillary calls for more tens of thousands of Moslems to be imported

Hillary’s VP says whites must become a minority to atone for racism

It’s War says the New Black Panthers

Vote Trump, Vote America

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3 Responses to Liberal denial, conservative principles, and political suicide

  1. EIleen says:

    I hate to say this but the SJW’s, especially women, equate Christianity with white male privilege. Christian churches spent centuries suppressing women’s right to education, earn their own living, or own their property and in fact, women in ancient Rome had less political rights, but more economic freedom – their inheritance of property was matrilineal, that is passed through the mother. To women, Christianity was a step backwards. They see the refugee crisis in Europe as a way to destroy the white male patriarchy. The fact that they are next is of no relevance to them, because they can’t think that far in advance.

    For years, they were taught that when the white male privilege will be overthrown, they will be on top, even though history has proven otherwise; it is always the victor who dictates the rules and the fact Islam is the tool is something they haven’t grasped; as in all dictatorships, the brownshirts (media, SJW, or BLM protestors) are destroyed along with the people they hate so much.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Interesting analysis, but I’m not certain how much Christianity was complicit in keeping women down so much as all cultures are male dominated. Like black’s rights in America, isn’t Christianity the basis on which women’s rights were expanded? Is that Christianity or just Americanism?


    • bookooball says:

      You may want to read some of Dalrock’s blog if you think Christianity is still patriarchal.


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