Silent Republicans allow Democrats to stripe them at will

Obama on the ballot

As Democrats run from the Obama policies they support in their effort to get re-elected, Obama sticks it to them announcing his policies are on the ballot.  Voters are beginning to wake up to the fact that voting for Democrat policies is the definition of insanity as the country enters its ninth year with the economy under their control.

Republicans are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, so they are choosing to abstain in the hopes that they are not noticed.  The Democrat media condemns Republicans for not passing Senate Democrats’ legislation and refusing to work with Obama to move the country forward.  They make no mention of Republican policies that the Senate leaves in limbo, or that Obama’s policies are actually destroying America.  If Republicans were to sign on and go along with Obama then they would be his ready made scapegoats, suckers who willingly put their necks in the noose to be blamed for everything that Obama’s Democrat policies destroy.

Because the GOP leaders are so afraid of the liberal media twisting their words to condemn their policies, rather than take a stand they are sitting back and hoping people will vote against the Democrats like they did in 2010.  Following the debacle of the 2012 elections, Republicans realized that they allowed Obama to defeat Romney by seizing the initiative through their control of the media messaging.  Republicans don’t know how to handle the propaganda machine that has duped Americans for the last eight years, or overcome the dysfunctional liberal logic that is the weapon of choice for Democrats to appeal to liberal stupidity in order to overcome the truth spoken by conservatives.

Democrats up for re-election are fleeing from Obama and their policies as if their hair was on fire.  None of them want to be seen campaigning with Obama who says they all supported his policies 100% and are all running on his success.  Greg Gutfeld remarked on this saying,

“If winning an election demands dumping the consequences of liberalism, why not dump them for good?  Because you’re liars, hypocrites, and jerks.”

Better yet, rather than demand Democrats stop enacting their destructive policies, why don’t Republicans stand up and trumpet how their policies made this nation great and how Democrat policies are tearing this country down?  When the media starts trying to recast them as racists for saying their policies are better than Obama’s, rip their balls off.  (Oh, wait, that might not work because no one in the Democrat media has any.)

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