Bill Maher gets drilled by Ben Affleck over Islam in Real Time


Ben Affleck unleashes a tirade of dysfunctional liberal ideology on Bill Maher in “Real Time with Bill Maher” October 3rd.  Bill had a guest who spoke of the evils of Islamic beliefs which set Affleck off calling Maher a racist for speaking badly of Islam.

On October 3rd, Maher had fellow atheist and neuroscientist, Sam Harris, on his show, “Real Time,” along with actor and liberal ideologue, Ben Affleck.  When Maher, who has been paying attention to the depredations of Islamists and has learned about Moslem culture, agreed with Harris that the teachings of Islam are vile and wicked, Ben went ballistic.  Affleck refused to hear any of their argument or pay any heed to the evidence and, much to Bill’s chagrin, inflicted the typical leftist tirade on Maher and Harris as bigots, racists, and Islamophobes.

In Affleck’s mind there are one and a half billion Muslims and only a ten thousand of them who believe in enacting Islamic doctrine while the rest are peace loving people who would harm no one.  Like most liberals whose understanding of history and world events is acquired through comedians, cartoons, and children’s books, when confronted with the fact that 80% of Moslems agree with the doctrine of the so-called “extremists” they reject that knowledge.  He also fails to understand that, while 90% of Moslems would rather have nothing to do with Islamic fanatics beheading infidels and apostates, the vast majority not only justify their actions as righteous, but support them.  The few who would say this is wrong are kept quiet through intimidation, which makes them accomplices through their silent endorsement.

In dysfunctional liberal minds, saying Islam is evil is like saying all Moslems are evil.  That kind of logic is the same as believing that someone who says dog fighting is evil is saying that all dogs are evil.  It’s just dysfunctional liberal stupidity which begs the question, “What is wrong with your brain?”  They close their minds, their eyes, and their ears so they can block out the truth and live in their safe world on an Egyptian riverboat (i.e. in de Nile).

People who believe that Islam is peace because that is what people claim, despite all the evidence to the contrary and the actual teachings of Mohammad, along with examples from his life, are not only ludicrous but dangerously naïve.  It’s like believing the gangsters of the Mafia are just businessmen.  Even Islamists are astounded at how easily they have duped the American Left.

Americans are more horribly ignorant of Islam than most modern day Europeans.  If people do not wake up to this enemy in their midst, they will wake up one day with the knife of Islam at their throats and think they are living in 1930s Germany with a religious twist.  Then they will watch their children hustled off to re-education camps for brainwashing into the “true faith.”

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