America’s military should be in terror of the Mujahideen of the Islamic State

American soldier in combat

Leftists live in terror at the idea of war with Islamists.  They have no faith in the courage of the American soldier despite their magnificent record.  Although it is true that troops would fare far better without the liberal’s Rules of Engagement tying their hands behind their backs.

Allah’s holy warriors of the Islamic State and renewed Caliphate are a force to be feared!  Had the U.S. left ten thousand soldiers in Iraq to face 30,000 Mujahideen, liberal Democrats contend that they would have been slaughtered as easily as the Iraqi Army.  This belief is one of the greatest examples of the dysfunctional thinking of the liberal mind.

American casualties in the wars with Iraq have been exceedingly light.  Except when our troops are deliberately put into harm’s way by foolish commanders and ridiculous Rules of Engagement, the casualty difference exceeds 100:1 and can be as much as 1000:1.  Historically, people of the Middle East have generally suffered massive casualties against the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Russians, English, and Americans.  Only in their rare victories have they caused substantial loses to Europeans, and Moslem historians are notorious for multiplying the forces and losses of their enemies by a factor of ten while minimizing their own.

ISIS/ISIL is no different.  They are more dedicated to fighting than the Iraqi Army, so they may actually stand up to a fight, but the skill of American warriors against the murdering mooks of ISIS/ISIL is no contest.  Mujahideen are more skilled at murdering civilians on the roadside than waging war.  They may be a dominate force of wolves amongst the sheep, but they are meat to the hunter.

Unleash just one division of Americans on these brigands and their Caliphate will wither like a dead leaf.  Their only chance to survive is through terrorist tactics.  They will never have the support of the people they murder to wage a guerrilla campaign.

“Criminals prey on the weak, warriors prey on the strong.  Oorah!” – Dustin Koellhoffer

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