Poisoning hearts and minds – how the Left has corrupted America’s youth

Democratic_Socialists_Occupy_Wall_Street_2011 - David Shankbone

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge.  Stupidity is the inability to learn.  When they keep voting Democrat you must accept that ignorance is bliss and you can’t fix stupid.

America’s students are being taught communist propaganda.  The Left has been poisoning our children’s minds in our own schools.  Youngsters need to be taught by those who love America and know the truth of this country rather than by those who hate it.

Colleges have been building these little liberal enclaves where students are only exposed to their anti-American atheist socialist agenda.  Without conservative voices to expose the lies and stupidity of liberal ideas the students enter the world mentally and morally ill equipped to handle reality.  The best way for liberals to learn is to be around conservatives where they can talk to and debate them and have a chance to understand where they have gone wrong.

Instead, they are distracted by their computers.  Video games are great!  They allow you to become rich and famous, to destroy your enemies, and to save the world all from the comfort of your living room.  Then your pesky parents tell you do go to school, do your chores, and waste your valuable time going to church to indulge their fantasy god.

Life could be great if we could play all the time and live like spoiled rich brats indulging our every desire.  Video games are great – if they are a fun distraction to burn off frustrations from your responsibilities.  When they become your greatest achievements then they are no longer just an escape from reality, but a withdrawal from life.

Before video games people’s only retreat from reality was drugs to dull your mind.  You could get drunk or high to escape from reality.  Now you can also have video games to achieve greatness in your dulled mind.

But that’s not living, that’s suckling, and all it does is dull or distract you from reality.  When you don’t pay attention to reality, then you are ignorant and unaware that there are people who are working to take away your freedom and make you their slaves.  And when that happens, you will learn reality for the rest of your miserable life.

Liberals need adults who understand how the world works, who can recognize propaganda and teach them to do so as well.  Liberals need guidance so that their own misconceived notions of what is right and wrong can be brought into the light of day so they can see the truth.  Only then can most be turned away from their insulated lives believing all the wrong things, though some will be dedicated liberals their entire lives.

You can recognize a liberal by their lack of a moral compass.  They will say one thing and do the opposite.  They will promote working for a living and then promote stealing from the rich.  They will promote serving your country and then promote disobedience to authority.

Liberalism is founded on ignorance and immorality.  Without exposure to those who are educated in truth that have strong morals, they will wander down the wrong fork in the road and be left to their own devices.  No one is born an intelligent, civilized human being.  They must be taught.  And the corrupt always strive to get ‘em while they’re young and ignorant to fill their heads with the lies of socialist liberalism.

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4 Responses to Poisoning hearts and minds – how the Left has corrupted America’s youth

  1. Mary Tokay says:

    The link to this article was pasted in Rush Limbaugh’s Fb page…so you support Rush’s ideology? You support a drug addict? Well that’s ironic condidering that you are really worried about America’s mortality….
    Well it had been known that no matter how many people are killed(to invade and exploit their people) and no matter how many libraries have been burned to earase information to be replaced by something that suits the conservatives of America, they truth always comes out. The thing is that now, thanks to technology it can be shared before it is earased. People aren’t kept in the dark about things that happen and have happened around the world…but I believe that you and the American government will try to stop this from continuing by restricting internet access or placing regulations and monitoring.. but like I said no matter what extremes you go through to burry the truth…it will always come out 😉


    • dustyk103 says:

      Rush has never been addicted to recreational drugs, unlike Obama, though he was addicted to pain killers for a time. Being addicted to pain killers and engaging in recreational drugs are not equivalent except in the vacant morality of the Left. None of the righteous follow Rush’s ideology as he is not an ideologue. Both he, and we, follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ. I’m glad to hear you support the free flow of information. The truth is revealed in America about everything happening in this country and around the world thanks to people like Rush Limbaugh. It is only in socialist countries like China where the government keeps the people from learning the truth, or in the Obama administration where the truth is obscured. Like myself, Rush and people on the Right want ALL the truth told from BOTH sides so that people can see the lies, misinformation, and evils of leftist ideology. This will help them make informed, morally intelligent decisions. That it is the Left that wants to shutdown the right-wing media to keep their falsehoods from being exposed speaks for itself. I hope you continue to be exposed to the truth so that you may come to know the truth and morality better.


  2. “anti-American atheist socialist agenda” Atheist is not the problem. There is more Atheist in the military then you think. The problem is Muslims claiming to be Atheist to do their dirty work to split and pit us Americans again each other. True Atheist do not care. True Atheist do not form groups like religious colt’s . True Atheist do not like being told what to think are how to think it. True Atheist do not care you be-leave are not. True Atheist do not even care you uses cross’s and what not’s. True Atheist will still say Marry Christmas back to you when you say it. True Atheist oppose wars based on religion. True Atheist are not the haters as you would have it. There has been more True Atheist killed in your wars then you will ever know. Ask your self how many times a True Atheist has told you not to be-leave. Ask your self how many times have you told a True Atheist they have to be-leave are they will go to the other made up place you call hell. Now think about this in order for you to be-leave in your god you have to be-leave there is a devil in order to be-leave there is a devil you have to be-leave in god. But yet you all call Atheist the devil worshipers when they do not be-leave in ether one.Think about who side the True Atheist is going to be on when they come out to get you Christians. Then think do you really what to keep going after Atheist when you are going to need all the help you can get.


    • dustyk103 says:

      You seem to be making a one dimensional argument. I used to be an atheist (funny how I was an atheist before I became a Christian). But I didn’t come to Christ through blind ignorance. The fact is that ALL groups are made up of ALL types. Just as there are people of good moral heart who are atheists who did good in the name of themselves, and there are those who are Moslem who do good in the name of their god, there are also those who are of wicked moral heart who say they are Christian and do evil in the name of the Lord. The point I make in my articles (if you delved deeper) is that the conflicts in the world are not about God and Satan, but about the hearts of people involved. And you will find, if you investigate beyond talking points, is that the teachings of Mohammad promote evil while the teachings of Christ promote good.
      https://liberalsbackwardsthink.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/righteousness-gods-love-vs-self-love/ is a good place to get an idea of the competing philosophies of the Right vs. the Left.


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