Earning a degree in hate – how America’s youth are being corrupted by the Left

Anti-capitalist students

Students protest capitalism wearing the mask from the movie, “Vendetta,” an anti-Christian movie that depicts the church as Nazis and their sanctum in the shape of a cross being destroyed.  Colleges and the environmental movement have become the homes of anti-American, anti-Christian socialism that include actual Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Islamism, and atheism.  Their only agenda is the destruction of America and all it represents, which is the Obama/Democrat agenda of deconstructing America to remake it into a socialist dictatorship.

College students are asking for murderers to speak at their commencements.  Cop killers and Jihadis are being revered on the campuses of liberal colleges that are teaching America’s children to hate America, hate Christianity, hate God, hate freedom, and to praise those who commit murder, steal from others, and would enslave others.  This perverse abasement is being so deeply ingrained in America’s young that it is feeding the engine of destruction of all that is good and right in the world.

Students choose murderer as commencement speaker

Students are protesting America, capitalism, and righteousness at the urgings of their teachers who have ingrained atheist socialism into their hearts.  They are willing to listen to a cop killer who murdered a policeman in cold blood, and to an Islamist Jihadi Imam who preaches death to America.  Holding up signs they express their contempt for those who would teach them patriotism for the country that guarantees their freedom and promotes love of their fellow man.

“Disobedience is the foundation of freedom.” – College protester’s sign

This is the philosophy of people who have no moral compass, and is actually the definition of freedom according to Satan, the representation of evil to which Alinsky dedicated his book that is apparently their guide, “Rules for Radicals.”  They equate killing in self-defense with committing murder, and being an industrious entrepreneur acquiring wealth is the same as being a greedy thief stealing from others.  Their philosophy of fighting authority is not based on resisting oppression, but in having the freedom to commit crimes against others.

They understand good and bad, but have no understanding of right and wrong.  Ethics, to them, are open to self-interpretation and not according to actual morality.  People who are lifelong Leftists are sociopaths of varying degrees who decide what is right for themselves and others.  They are the epitome of self-righteous, hypocritical control freaks who combine fascism over others with anarchy for themselves in their dysfunctional realm of twisted logic.

They say abortion is about having free sex and not about killing a baby.  They say gay marriage is about two people loving each other and not about destroying the Christian church.  They say socialism is about being fair and not about stealing wealth from those who work hardest.

They believe that criminals are racially oppressed because they choose to be criminals rather than work hand in hand with white people.  They believe Jihadis are racially oppressed because they choose to demand the world submit their souls to their god of hate and revenge.  They believe the poor are racially oppressed because they refuse to work to better themselves, to go to school and become educated, to go to church and learn morality, to become civilized human beings rather than just greedy, selfish animals.

They believe evil is righteous, that Satan was maligned, and that Jesus is a fascist.  All the things these illiterate, immoral young fools believe are born of hearts that yearn for goodness, but pursue with vacuous minds and corrupted souls.  America is in desperate need of a leader, a hero, a Christian soldier who will set them back on the path that the Founder’s birthed in the Constitution.  America needs to turn back to the righteous path of truth that is self-evident, and once again believe in the blessings of their Creator to the inalienable rights of all to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and not fame and fortune for themselves.

The righteous who have not only made the choice, but actually lived the choice of truly living free are not those who chose to be disobedient, but those who have chosen a life of service in obedience to the Lord.  And many, like officer Faulkner that the animal Mumia Abu-Jamal murdered, make the ultimate sacrifice in service of their fellow man.  That these ignorant kids are honoring him is an atrocity to righteousness.

Freedom isn’t free, it costs folks like you and me.

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