Throwing Obama under the bus, Democrats hope dupes will vote for them again


Liberal Democrats like Sen. Al Franken (MN-D) are up for re-election at a time when America is waking up to the fraud that Democrats have perpetrated on them.  Franken was the 60th filibuster proof vote that got ObamaCare passed, and he got his position through voter fraud with thousands of extra votes being “found” in pollster’s car trunks.  Democrats are advertising all the good that he has done for their state, when the truth is he has sided with Obama on all the damaging legislation and policies that Democrats have inflicted on America for the past eight years.

“Real presidents try to fix problems.  Obama just tries to fix blame.” – Rush Limbaugh

You can fool some of the people all of the time is a truth spoken by one of America’s greatest presidents.  While Obama is out saying he made the economy great again, Americans still feeling the weight of Obamanomics on their backs know this is a lie.  Democrats, hoping that voters are still just as stupid as they were in 2008 when they voted for hope and change, or in 2012 when they voted to give Obama more time to fix the economy Bush mucked it up so badly, hope to convince the idiots yet again that they are the ones who will make the economy better – as if they’ve had nothing to do with the economy for the last eight years they’ve had control in Congress!  How stupid and gullible can people be?

The answer is – extremely!  Most voters today were not around for the seventies and eighties when Democrats wrecked the economy and Republican Ronald Reagan, through the force of his great personality and leadership, coerced the Democrat Congress to follow him.  They did so despite their hatred of him, only because they understood his policies would grow the economy, but they punished him by increasing deficit spending and the debt to phenomenal amounts.

Now Obama and the Democrats have operated unfettered in instituting their economic policies for the last eight years, despite their protestations and blame they cast on Republicans who have done nothing to stop them, and the economy remains a shadow of what it was.  They realized they don’t need to make the economy better to steal trillions from taxpayers.  They only have to steal that money through borrowing and giving it to their Wall Street buddies and telling the boobs that they are saving jobs.

The National Debt was increased by the Democrat Congress by $1 trillion under Reagan.  Under Obama it has been increased by $10 trillion!  Democrats have no right to complain about the economy because this is the economy they voted for!  Any complaints are strictly the result of liberal insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!!!  At this point to vote Democrat requires either being brain dead or being a heart and soul dedicated anti-American.

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