Son of Hamas leader condemns Moslem terrorists and courageously converts

Yousef-son-of-Hamas - CNN

Yousef, son of a Hamas leader, converts to Christianity and condemns Jihad

Jesus is life.  Mohammad is death.

Christian conservatives have been condemned by leftist liberals for even suggesting there is any evil in the religion of Islam.  This author and many others has stated repeatedly that the religion of the Prophet is a fraud, that he founded a religion of hate and evil, and that those who are forced to become Moslem do so mostly out of fear.  Despite declarations that good people would leave Islam and become Christian, liberals damn us as hateful bigots.

Liberal’s own message of peace and love is no different than Islamists.  They profess they are the most tolerant and accepting, yet when it comes to Christ they are the most hateful, intolerant, self-righteous hypocrites on the face of the planet.  All of Islam is a lie that denies the truth of Christianity that says “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Yet they freely condemn Christians for the crimes of leftists who, in the past, have infiltrated and corrupted the church, most notably during the Catholic Inquisition.  The Left always seeks to denigrate and corrupt the righteous for their own wicked reasons.  This courageous young man speaks out as one of the rare Moslems who have the courage of their convictions, belief in peace, love, and the brotherhood of man, to take up with the Savior rather than with the savage.

Son of a Hamas leader becomes a Christian and condemns Jihad

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