Propaganda, like the Force, has a strong influence on the weak-minded

Like your doctor

Obama knew when he spoke that what was written in the ObamaCare law was not what he was promising to the people who hadn’t read it before they passed it.

People do not trust politicians mainly because politicians are very adept at telling people what they want to hear.  Many will believe one party of politicians over the other without knowing the facts, even to the point of denying the truth.  The propaganda techniques of Democrats and Republicans, of liberals, moderates, and conservatives can all use whopping dose of the truth.

Light needs to be shined on these people whenever they speak and that is the duty of the press.  But look at what happens when those in the press take sides and, instead of exposing the truth, rather than separate the facts from the propaganda, they perpetuate the propaganda themselves.  The techniques of propaganda are easy to qualify, and just as easily the application of those techniques by the Obama regime and the liberal press are easy to see, if one is not so weak-minded as to believe everything one is told.

Recognizing propaganda techniques – even old shows tell the truth better

  • Bandwagon – Obama says, ‘We want to move forward for a better America with progressive ideas and not the failed ideas of last year.’ Democrats call for everyone to jump on the bandwagon of big spending, big borrowing, and big taxes.  Then they wonder why there are no jobs.
  • Testimonial – Celebrities like The Oprah endorse Obama, along with billionaires like Warren Buffet who does so, not because he wants to pay higher taxes, but because he can get government subsidies for his business, which is taxpayer money, and be awarded tax loopholes.
  • Plain folk – An endless parade of little people with big problems have been run by the American people every time Obama has an agenda to push requiring the support of the people, no matter how small. Most of the money for this agenda does not go where people think it’s going.
  • Patriotism – Paying taxes is patriotic. Tradition patriotism is mocked and demeaned by the Left such as serving in the military or medical professions, respecting America’s laws, and volunteering to give charity to those in need.  Instead people are told to envy the rich and greedily demand government steal from them because they are villainized as greedy people who stole their prosperity from the country and the poor and don’t want to “pay their fair share.”
  • Glittering generalization – Obama was elected for his campaign slogan of Hope and Change without ever saying what kind of change he hoped to achieve. Denying he is the socialist he declared himself to be in his book, Obama says he is for American jobs and prosperity, but all of his agenda has been to gather wealth to Washington making it the richest region in the country.
  • Transfer – Moses and Jesus were Community Organizers. Moses and Jesus were not Community Organizers, but leaders and Saviors.  Leaders who gather people to a purpose are not Community Organizers, which is just a glorified title for job seeker assistant.  They are leaders who inspire people and guide them to achieve a goal like building a business.  Obama has proven he has no leadership skills, only campaigning skills.
  • Name calling – Any criticism of Obama and Holder is racist. The TEA Party is the new KKK.  People who want welfare recipients to work for their money are racists.  Closing the border to illegal immigrants is racist.  Republicans are for the 1% and want to keep the brown man down because they’re racists.  The people of the party that freed the slaves have been labelled racists that would make them slaves again, and this is the insane propaganda no one would believe could be, but Democrats are so weak-minded and ignorant that they believe it.
  • Repetition – Repeat a lie till it is so commonplace that it is believed regardless of the facts. “It’s the right thing to do” is Obama’s favorite declaration for his agenda which has never been the right thing to do, but is all geared toward enriching Democrats in Washington at the expense of the people.
  • Card stacking – Republicans are waging a war on women, war on immigrants, war on the poor – can you name a Republican who has said they want to take away women’s birth control, stop legal immigrants, or deny help to those who need help, want people do die rather than prosper? Then why do you believe it?

The key to recognizing and defeating propaganda is to know the truth, which can only be known by knowing all the facts from both sides of an argument.  This is the reason why FOX News is successful while MSNBC is failing.  This is the reason for liberal campaigns of distraction and misinformation.  What it all boils down to is either, a) will you take the time to learn and discern the facts, or b) will you simply follow blindly who you want to believe.

For the righteous, knowing the facts to ferret out the truth is paramount.  For the Left, it is a matter of choosing who they want to believe.  While both sides will accuse the other of rejecting facts, Leftists are never short of inventing facts or twisting logic to suit their needs and then projecting their own deviousness onto the Right.  The Right suffers from the myopic view of believing that everyone wants to be good and honest, which allows them to often be blind-sided by the maliciously devious on the other side.

Choosing Right or Left is not a matter of choosing two sides that are both correct or both liars, not a matter of choosing one path or the other toward prosperity and justice.  There is not a fork in the road to the high road or the low road, there is a choice between right and wrong, of choosing truth or choosing evil.  Propaganda is a tool of deception that people should arm themselves against with knowledge that most are too busy or distracted to take the time to learn to their detriment.

Freedom of speech is the most important element in learning the truth, which is why conservatives so fiercely defend the 1st Amendment while liberals make every effort to destroy it.  Those who tell the truth want you to hear both sides so you can hear the lies and truth compared side-by-side and make an intelligent choice.  Those who lie want the truth to be silenced lest they be exposed.  Don’t be fooled by the twisted logic of the Left and walk in the light of the righteous.

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“The Force has a strong influence on the weak-minded.” – Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

“Propaganda, like the Force, has a strong influence on the weak-minded” – Dustin Koellhoffer


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  1. and self and marketing imposed distractions are keeping
    people from “having the time” to analyze
    and reflect on any issue outside their realm
    of daily activities.


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