A million Palestinian dead would be a good start

palestine-gaza-israel-offensive - Reuters

After a week of sending rockets against Israeli civilians, Hamas rejects a cease fire and uses Palestinian women and children as human shields around their rocket launchers to stave off Israeli counter-strikes.  When they are killed they cry to the world about the evil of Jews, and leftists like Obama tell Israel to “show restraint.”

Arabs believe they have a right to destroy Israel, and after them, the United States.  The Jews, they say, are invaders, part of the returning Crusaders backed by America to take over Arab lands.  Israeli Jews and American Christians are waging war on peaceful Muslims, they say.

To further their agenda and “prove” that America and Israel are the ones on the side of evil, Palestinians began another campaign launching thousands of rockets deep into Israel to kill random civilians.  They gathered their own women and children around their rocket launchers so that an Israeli counter-strike would kill them.  Israelis issued warnings to them prior to the attacks and offered a cease-fire that Hamas rejected, but held in place their human shields as the Jihadis moved a safe distance away to record Israelis killing them while destroying the rockets.

Palestinian death toll over 500

Now Arabs are all denouncing Israel as the aggressor in the conflict with no regard for the sanctity of human life.  Following a week of silence over Hamas rockets, Obama opened his mouth to join them in calling on Israeli “restraint.”  Righteous people wonder how anyone with a good heart can accept this vilifying those who are under attack and elevating those who shoot rockets at civilians and force their own people to stand in the way of return fire.

Moslems willingly sacrifice women and children to promote their propaganda for the people of the world who would side with them.  Sacrificing a million Palestinians would be a good start for them to make Israelis and America the villains that the Left believes them to be.  The root of this conflict goes back fourteen hundred years to Mohammad who launched the first invasions of neighboring countries from Arabia.

But the last century tells the tale more clearly of why Moslems wish to bomb Israelis out of Israel, and then bomb them in the United States.  It began in the eleventh century when Turks, a Mongolian tribe, invaded and conquered all Arab held lands, holding them for the next eight centuries.  World War I saw this change when the British enlisted the Arabs to rebel against their Turkish overlords of the Ottoman Empire, which had sided with Germany in the war.

Following WWI, the Ottoman Empire was taken apart and numerous new Arab states were created by the British.  In gratitude for freeing them from Turkish overlords, Arab Moslems allied with Hitler in World War Two.  Following that conflict, British and American leaders decided to give Jews who had been the target of extermination a homeland in their ancestral lands in Palestine.

Arabs would have none of this, however, and attempted to exterminate the new Jewish state, but the Jews crushed this attempt and expanded their territorial control.  When the Arabs tried again in 1967 they were so severely crushed that they lost the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula.  Israel gave the Sinai and Gaza back to Egypt under the terms of a peace agreement that has lasted over forty years.

Now, with the advent of the Muslim Brotherhood overthrowing governments in the Middle East, that peace is about to end as Moslems again move to destroy Israel.  This initial phase is their attempt to cause divisions between the Israelis and their allies in the West.  But Barack Hussein Obama, whom Americans stupidly elected to diminish the United States, has already made their position precarious by his support of Moslems calling for Israel to withdraw to pre-war borders.

Leftists like Obama and Kerry don’t think the United States has the moral authority to confront the world’s bad guys

The bottom line is that none of the countries that exist in the Middle East today would be there but for the intercession of the United States.  If Moslems cannot live peacefully with anyone else in the world then they shouldn’t mix with them.  But the Grand Jihad, Mohammad’s version of the Christ’s Great Commission, is to infiltrate neighbors, disrupt their societies until they retaliate, then declare them to be enemies of Islam and breed rebellions to institute Sharia Law.

America’s Left would willingly accept this law to replace the Constitution, even if it means the people will be enslaved.  They believe they would be the new leaders and that the overthrow of Christianity would benefit them.  No matter whether atheists, socialists, or Islamists, as long as they can crush Christianity they will be satisfied.

There is no room for liberty in the New World Order like that is founded in America.  Likewise, there is no room for the oppression and slavery rooted in socialism and Islamism in a free nation like America.  The Irresistible Force of liberty of the righteous is going to meet the Immovable Object of slavery of the Leftist ideology and something has got to give, and it will be violent.

All Jihadis need is to be blown to Allah

Propaganda, like the Force, has a strong influence on the weak-minded

Pax Obama


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