Jihadis declare Islamic law in conquered Iraqi territory to destroy Christians


Christians are being executed by ISIL with no word of objection from Obama or the Democrats

ISIL has declared their piece of land in western Iraq as the new Caliphate, and their leader has vowed to carry out the law of Mohammad – infidel Christians must leave, pay the tax, or convert.  If they choose none of these then they will be murdered by the law of Islam in accordance with the teachings of Mohammad.  Anyone expecting to find dedicated, fundamentalist Islamists to be “the most tolerant religion” or “a religion of peace” is getting a bellyful of the reality today from Islamists that conquer, oppress, and subjugate over a billion people.  Those who do not conform and refuse to be subjugated are murdered in their homes, and their families are enslaved as examples to cow others who might likewise yearn for freedom.

Christians must convert, pay infidel tax, leave, or die

Now that there are no U.S. forces in Iraq by order of Barack Hussein Obama, Jihadis have free reign to invade and hold territory vacated by the American trained and equipped Iraqi army.  Obama has said he will take no action against these conqueror wannabes to stop them from bringing terror and murder into Iraq in which so much American blood and treasure was spilled to make a more stable modern state.  The Iraqi people in the west of the country are being re-subjugated by the law of Mohammad with all of the threats, extortion, torture, and death inherent in the religion of the Prophet.

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