If Moslems don’t want people to get shot, then don’t start shooting at people

Israeli missile strike - Reuters

Israeli rockets take out Hamas rocket launchers located near hospitals and schools and shielded by women and children.  Hamas rejected a cease-fire before Israeli counter-attacks, and Moslems are crying “murder” to the world.

Moslems defending Hamas are calling Israeli counter-attacks on Hamas rocket launchers as “murdering civilians.”  This is the evil that is Islam as taught by Mohammad.  Islamists attack people, and then when those people counter-attack the Moslems declare them to be assaulting Islam and declare Jihad, Holy War to annihilate them.  As any righteous person can tell you, there is nothing holy about war.

Islamists “selective body count”

These terrorists of Hamas who are using women and children as human shields around their rocket launchers, justifying their rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, and these Muslim “apologists” who are condemning Israeli counter-attacks are committing the most grievous of sins and crimes against humanity.  Palestinians who elected Hamas as their leaders share their inhumanity in allying with murders who want to exterminate a neighboring people.  The American Left allies with them as well, agreeing with their evil logic and relating the American bombing of Germany and Japan in World War Two as acts of evil.

Jesus never said to allow evil to rule the world.  He never said not to fight evil.  He never said to accept evil to rule.  When push comes to shove it is righteous to fight fire with fire.

When it is all boiled down, it doesn’t matter how war is fought because war doesn’t determine who is right, it determines who is left.  There are no rules when one side is determined to kill everyone on the other side.  There is only survival.  All is fair in war.  This dog and pony show by Moslems is just to sway the ignorant observers by displaying dead women and children and crying “murder.”

As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed,

“This is the difference between us.  Hamas deliberately targets civilians, and deliberately hides their rockets behind civilians.”

And that is the difference determining which side is good and which is evil.  If Moslems don’t want Jews to kill Moslems, then Moslems shouldn’t be trying to kill Jews.  You either learn to live with someone or you don’t interact with them.  It is only evil people who will seek to destroy other people and justify their evil attacks in their own twisted minds.

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