Hillary condemns Hobby Lobby for enslaving women

hillary-clinton damns Hobby Lobby - Facebook

Taking advantage of the public’s ignorance, Hillary damns Hobby Lobby Christians and Republicans declaring that they want to deny women birth control.

Hillary Clinton said that Hobby Lobby sales clerks are being denied contraception by their employer.  She talks as though when you enter Hobby Lobby you will find women chained to their cash registers barefoot and their bellies swollen with their next baby.  She implies that these women who work for Hobby Lobby are forced to be barefoot and pregnant by the evil Christians who enslave them and deny them healthcare.  It is up to Democrats like the great and noble Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to save these women from their dreaded fate by eliminating the oppressive religion of Christianity.

Democrat’s Big Lie campaign – Republicans deny women birth control

How do you teach stupid people who believe this that what they believe is wrong when intelligent people believe it, too?  You can tell them Hobby Lobby does have contraception coverage in their health insurance, just not abortion pills like the “morning after” pill, and they will not believe you.  You can tell them no one who works for Hobby Lobby is restricted from obtaining whatever medical insurance they want, and they believe that is not only a lie, but unfair because the business they work for is not supplying it.

You can explain to them that, until ObamaCare mandates, no business was required to offer medical insurance through the company but some did so as an added benefit.  Even with ObamaCare only certain companies are required by law to offer health insurance, that insurance being ObamaCare, and that most people are realizing that everything Obama said about his new law was a lie.  But the lie that will not die is that Republicans want women to be denied healthcare and contraception and don’t care if they die, which is just an insane thing to believe.

Obama says more women vote Democrat in elections than Republican because they’re smarter than men.  The truth is more women vote Democrat because they are more easily duped than men.  All you have to do is promise a woman a diamond ring or free healthcare and most of them will fall all over themselves to please you.  The women who are actually intelligent run their own business and vote Republican.

Democrats like Hillary who describe Christians as the Taliban are doing more than just deceiving simpletons, they are betraying America.  When Jesse Watters says these women vote Democrat for government to support them it is because they can’t rely on their baby daddies.  That these women get all bent out of shape over this because it’s true is the most revealing fact of all.

People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals.  And what makes them dangerous animals is that they are greedy, selfish, mean, petty, conniving, vindictive, egotistical liars.  People have to be taught to be morally righteous and capable of taking care of themselves well enough that they can help others.  But that is the Republican ideal and not a part of the Democrat agenda that wants as many people as possible to be dependent on the government.

Obama, who has been slapped down by the Supreme Court 100% of the time, declares that he will continue to make laws from his presidential throne and is looking for ways to circumvent the court’s ruling.  He goes so far as to tell GOP wimps to sue him if they don’t like it.  In the meantime, he uses the Constitution as toilet paper and continues to try to rub it in the faces of patriotic Americans.


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