GOP moderates are as much dupes of liberalism as Democrat voters

suckersleap - Branco

Liberals have been making fools of moderates for the last century by convincing them to support policies “for the greater good to be ‘fair,'” but which are all destroying the American Dream.

Moderates have been fooled by liberals many times to the nation’s loss.  In the early 20th century it was the creation of the Federal Reserve and universal suffrage that has led to the calamities of federal mortgage banks, ObamaCare, bread and circuses, and immigration reform.  Liberal Democrat policies have always had only one goal, to incite people to endorse them stealing from the taxpayer to give free benefits to their voters.  But nothing in the world is free, including the air you breathe.

Obama and the Democrats are causing a crisis on the border where tens of thousands of illegal immigrant minors are coming to America.  Democrats who say the president is not forcing them to come here are as disingenuous as a parent claiming they had to force their children to go to Disney World.  Barack Obama has thrown the border open through his policies and the multitudes living in squalor in Central America are flocking to take advantage of the opportunity.

By creating this border crisis, Obama is setting up Republicans as the fall guys once again if they don’t pass the immigration reform that Obama wants.  Even if they do, even if they gave him everything he demands and then some, Obama will reject it and tell the public whatever lies he needs to in order to promote his agenda and inflame his voters to vote against Republicans.  How many times must Barack “Lucy” Obama pull the football out from under their feet before the Charlie Brown Republicans realize he’s not just a liar, he’s a damned liar.

Obama announced he has no intention of working with Congress since he was elected and declared, “I won.”  America has been in a Constitutional crisis from the moment Barack Hussein Obama took the Oath of Office.  Not only is Obama completely unqualified to be president, not only is he a fraud as president, Obama sits in the Oval Office dreaming of being the next Adolph Hitler and seizing absolute power.

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