A ghetto president’s social justice: Barry 0 Supremes 15

Supreme Court - AP photo

Obama’s repeated bids for dictatorial powers has been slapped down by the Supreme Court every time his actions have been brought to the floor.  This “Constitutional scholar” is anything but.

America’s youth knows that the USA was knocked out of the World Cup, but most have no idea that the president for whom they voted has violated the Constitution so many times that he is batting zero in multiple battles with the Supreme Court.  In the liberal fantasy world of the Obamanation their messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, is a Constitutional scholar and political genius.  In the real world of Obamaville, Barry Sotero has been slapped down by the Supreme Court over a dozen times for attempted dictatorship and is a demagogic charlatan.  Most of the court’s decisions have been by unanimous as even his liberal appointees on the court cannot justify his imperialistic abuse of power.

Obama pretends that there isn’t already a solution written into the ObamaCare law that resolves paying for abortion pills to which Christian’s object.  An addendum in the twenty thousand pages already provides for non-profit churches to not be forced to pay for them, but forces insurance companies to absorb the cost without charging back.  That could easily be applied to the few companies like Hobby Lobby, but Obama doesn’t want to do that.  He would rather use the issue to demonize Republicans as a fund raising issue for ignorant Democrats.

There are great similarities between Obama and Hitler on how they came to power and their socialist ideology.  Where Obama and Hitler differ is that Obama is not the head of the snake.  Had Hitler been assassinated in the 30s, World War Two would not have happened in Europe.

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

Captain America and the New World Order

Eliminating Obama would not kill the snake that is choking the life out of the golden goose that is America because the liberal Democrat movement is not a serpent, but a hydra.  The problem isn’t the figurehead at the top who arrogantly believes he can dictate and force his socialist ideals down American’s throats, it’s the sixty million who make up the body who believe in the Democrat agenda of stealing from the rich, the rich being anyone who pays income tax.

The American Dream was born of the belief that good Christian people should have a government that protects them from oppression allowing them to worship God and prosper from their own efforts.  To greedy liberal Democrats, the American Dream is becoming rich and famous with enough money to live in luxury and be fat and lazy.  But America has turned away from Christianity and is embracing all other religions that have more in common with paganism, and they support a government that punishes those who are more successful than them.

On the day Barack Obama was nominated as the Democrat candidate for president, his wife, Michelle, announced that that day was the first time in her adult life that she was proud of America.  True Americans spend their lives being proud of this great nation that has brought prosperity and liberty to the world.  But Democrats believe America is a force for evil, and they are fundamentally transforming the country into their ideal, which is more akin to Red China.

The result is that, for the first time in their adult lives, it is patriotic Americans who are no longer proud of their country.  Happy 4th of July.


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