TEA Party confesses racist redneck agenda

Rednecks against Obama

Obama and the Democrats portray the TEA Party as racists whose only objection to Obama’s policies is because he’s black.  While the TEA Party denies this, one redneck exposes the truth!

In an interview with a member of the TEA Party who was a Republican, this reporter uncovered the racist hatred inherent to the Christian Right.  In the thick, southern drawl typical of the subject, here is, word for word, the racism of the TEA Party on full display:

“Yup, I’d a be votin’ for dem Democratics if’n they didn’t put no n*gger on the ballot.  I just luv to git me sum o’ that thar socialized medicine and social justice benefits.  Now if dey wuz to put a white niggra like ole Bill Clinton back on the ticket, or maybe his wifey, then I could vote Democratic agin.

“As it is, dese ‘publicans be ascarin’ me with those other black boys, Herman Cain ‘n’ Allen West ‘n’ the like.  Nobody wants some uppity darkie thinkin’ he’s all that makin’ pizzas and that forinner sh*t.  Capitalism is fer suckers tuh make rich men rich by stealin’ from us poor folk.

“If it weren’t for ‘publicans we’d all be rollin’ in dough.  Give me dat socialism like those great men o’ the 20th century, ole Adolph, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and even the Ayatollah Khomeini knew how to put dem thievin’ basterds in der place and give power to the people!” and he raised a clenched fist.

“Obama’s like god, wieldin’ power over dem rich basterds, and dat’s what this country be needin’, an iron fist to rule over duh dum basterds whats vote fer ‘em.  If ‘publicans wants our vote, den dey’s gots to be more Democratic.”

(Disclaimer: This parody is not affiliated with anyone, especially me.)

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